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Emotional Liberation Course – Beyond Triggers and Trauma

Join the author for an 8-week process to understand and unhook yourself from emotional reactions and dysfunctional patterns. It is a journey full of information, expert guidance, support and direct experience. This direct and powerful approach to mental and emotional wellness is full of practical tools and support with which you will realize relief and lasting personal growth.

The course includes:

  • The Emotional Liberation book is included and is the textbook for the course. It will serve your healing and personal growth long after the course.
  • Weekly video classes. The author will guide you through the ideas and essential experiences of Emotional Liberation.
  • Downloadable resources including worksheets and other supporting materials.
  • Weekly live group coaching sessions under GuruMeher’s expert guidance so you will learn from others, ask questions and receive help, making real improvements to both your inner and outer quality of life.
  • Daily personal practices recommended to develop awareness and resilience.


Praise for GuruMeher Khalsa’s Emotional Liberation

In his groundbreaking work, GuruMeher Khalsa reveals the pivotal role difficult emotions serve in healing and offers a step-by-step method for releasing trauma.
– Becca Williams, RDN, emotional wellness educator

GuruMeher’s work has done wonders for me and so many of my clients who suffer from trauma-based shame and lack of self-love.
– Annette D, Counselor

I now see how my past trauma was at the core of everything that was holding me back. I pushed through life so hard, even success was painful. Emotional Liberation has helped me turn my numbed shame into self-love.
– Atma Nilsson, Psychiatric Nurse