Handle Your Heat

How Do You Handle Your Heat?
 Whether it’s from your mom, your own anger, or the summer sun?
Energy runs everything! And you have enough, but how do you manage it? Too much and someone gets burned; too little and you are left out in the cold. What is “Just Right” for you? Whether it’s body temperature, metabolism, hyperactivity and fatigue, power struggles or climate-change record temperatures, moderation is the sweet spot. And that requires control, handling heat to have the right amount to do the job. Anger as a source of power to skillfully manage will be a major topic.
Skillfully Handling Heat is a path to personal and world peace. Imagine Leaders, Governments, Countries and all people taking care of their needs and their business fully while doing no harm! It starts with you. Where are you too hot or too cold with your power, passion, compassion, motivation, ambition, mentation, emotion,.activity, productivity
Our mission at SOS is self management, self therapy, self love; learning to manage our life and resources to be happy. So let’s do this together.
Mark your calendars now to start on Tuesday August 15th!

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