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GuruMeher is a Master Yoga Teacher, Emotional Wellness Coach and author of Senses of the Soul. GuruMeher has helped thousands of people transform their personal lives and their businesses. He has given hundreds of presentations worldwide and truly helps others discover peace, power and purpose. As a public speaker, he brings the benefit of three decades of success and a genuine, passionate style born of his own personal transformation.

Through his clinical work as a life coach, GuruMeher created Senses of the Soul, a system of emotional self-healing. Senses of the Soul revolutionizes the way we think about our feelings. It proposes that heavy emotions are not the problem, but actually serve to deliver solutions! Feelings can be used for guidance and power. GuruMeher has been using these concepts to help people resolve whatever challenges life brings them. He combines these ideas with simple mindfulness techniques that help clients and groups achieve higher levels of clarity, purpose and happiness.

Audiences who participate in Senses of the Soul seminars, and individuals who coach with GuruMeher find that his enlightening talks and interactive exercises leave them with practical skills to immediately improve their quality of life. To work with GuruMeher means you feeling happier and discovering the skills to deal well with life’s challenges.

GuruMeher is the most caring and compassionate individual. His vigorous spirit and unstoppable energy filled our journey with the deepest and shiniest impression. Bringing his life-long meditative experience, he never failed to be the most prepared while handling the teachings in the most systematic way possible for this type of material with esoteric quality. He guided us and inspired us during this transformative process of uncovering the truth and beauty of our core being and life itself. Wahe Guru!
– Anita Sarabjeet Condic

GuruMeher is a very attentive and intuitive teacher that will take you to the depths of your mind.
– Olga Tarabashinka

Kind and very perceptive, gentle but strong way of helping you have some deep realization
– Jiwan Shakti Kaur

I never thought I could enjoy life and be content, but now I see the possibility. Just wanted to let you know your coaching work with me last year continues to reap benefits. Not sure how I would have handled all I am processing without our work together last year. Thank you so much for helping me!
– Jennifer

You have a gift for seeing to the core of the situation. What you said helped me see it all, then I could make it right.
– Nels


Here is a bit of my history, reprinted here from the book “Senses of the Soul”. Below it read a teaching on Self-Compassion from my teacher, which helped me to recover.

GuruMeher’s Story of Adrenaline Addiction

Ounce for ounce, adrenaline is one of the most powerful and addictive drugs you can get hooked on. I saw this in my own life when I recognized that I was a workaholic. Adrenaline was my drug of choice; ambition, excitement, drive, and fear were my ever-available dealers. It’s uncool to give an alcoholic a drink, but people are happy to load you with projects to feed your adrenaline habit. It was all so exciting: I worked 75 or more hours a week at a job, I had a full two-hour daily exercise and spiritual practice, plus teaching yoga, community leadership, family responsibilities, and my own natural enthusiasm for everything in the world. What a fun ride—until the heart palpitations started.

I was so busy at the time, that my whole day was one big swirl. Then I’d be sitting at my desk, and suddenly my heart would start to flutter. I am very committed to my health, and it was obvious that I needed to slow down. At that point, I had to ask myself, “Who am I without all that drive?” I had been creating a constant state of urgency in an endless effort to prove to myself I was adequate and deserving. My heart was sending a message that this was unsustainable, but the thought of not running heroically at top speed felt like certain annihilation. “Don’t take away the one way I have to feel worthy!” Exhausted, I had to turn and face these fears. It was awful to feel that fear of inadequacy that was the engine of all my activity. To my surprise, however, I didn’t die! I could handle that awful feeling.

Then an amazing thing happened—I began to relax, deeply, and the price for that was just being willing to face my darkest fear. It felt bad, but it was so much easier than all that desperation. I saw that my ransom was to start saying no to more projects and commitments. I thought I would die of shame the first time I said no to someone who wanted me to do something. I felt like I was saying, “I can’t handle that,” which was my worst fear. But I lived through it and was amazed how one “no” saved me from several extra hours of weekly work for the next 5 years. That was power! It took many years to lighten my load to a level that I could manage well. But I found that doing fewer things and more of what I wanted to do meant I could handle those things much better. I could handle things—just not everything.

I am a recovered workaholic, and it’s an addiction that is no joke. I still work a lot. It’s 6:30 a.m., and I have been writing for hours, I have a full day, and I teach all weekend. The difference is that I enjoy everything and do it without desperation or urgency; my self-esteem is not on the line. I can stop and goof off with equal satisfaction.

My thanks go to all those who didn’t leave when I was too busy to be present. If only I had been able to stop sooner and listen within to find the source of my Fear rather than trying to outrun it. But the Peace at the end of that long lesson was worth it. I hope my experience can save you some time spent suffering. The work you are doing for yourself will be so worth it, too, no matter what your current situation or internal emotional climate may be. Are you committed to your own recovery? If so, work with your Fear and follow it’s truth


On Self-Compassion

The highest status which a man can enjoy in a human life is self-compassion. I am not asking you to be compassionate to others. I am asking you folks to be compassionate to yourself. This is the last thing a person has ever learned. The key to happiness, gate to happiness, is self-compassion.

If you have this misunderstanding that you should be compassionate to others, you are fooling yourself. Compassion does not mean anything to others. That is your trauma and your act. And it is meant for you. Be extremely compassionate to yourself and do not indulge in any unnecessary nuisance and tax your nerves, your mind, and your life.

There is no school, class, or college for it. Nobody talks about it. People all say: Have compassion. What are you trying to do? It is the most stupid thing to do. If you ever want to be compassionate, be compassionate to yourself. Others can handle their life. It is your life which you are supposed to handle, and that is called divinity of god. Every religion teaches it. And they openly teach it. Be compassionate to others—a deadly mistake. Definitely be serviceful to others, be kind to others, but always be compassionate to yourself. Be good to others, be helpful to others, and be friendly to others. All such adjectives are right; but never be compassionate to anybody. When you are not compassionate to yourself, you are totally a hypocrite. That means when you are not real. And you are pretending to be real when you are not real. It will happen only when you are not compassionate to yourself.

The Fourth Center guarantees that you will be either compassionate to yourself or passionate to yourself. It does not allow this for anybody else. Passion and compassion are two sides of the same coin. They are there for the Self. I am passionately in love of myself. If I am not passionately in love of myself, I cannot or shall not truly love anybody else. I will be a hypocrite. If I am not compassionate to myself, I will understand nothing. Period. Your friendship won’t last, your relationship won’t last, your marriage, this and that won’t last. Because if you do not have a true passion for life and real compassion for the self, you do not know what life is. – Yogi Bhajan