Clients and Testimonials

Clients and Testimonials

Partial List of Clients:

American National Radio, KCLA FM
Institute For Educational Advancement, Pasadena
United Natural Foods, Inc.
West Hollywood Comprehensive Service Center
WorkSource California
Exchange Club of Culver City, CA

What Clients Are Saying:

“The turnout was immense. It was one of our most successful presentations. We hope that we can invite you again.”
Lida Soulikhan, Activity Coordinator, West Hollywood Comprehensive Service Center

“GuruMeher provided an engaging interactive lecture on finding real personal happiness and meaning in our increasingly busy and chaotic society. His dynamic speaking style made it easy to understand how to incorporate his techniques for happiness into our daily lives.”
Daniel Spencer, Program Coordinator, Institute for Educational Advancement

“Your comments reinforced much of what we’ve been talking about to prepare these men and women for the workplace after being laid off. Your style and energy was exactly the right approach to empower and inspire  our audience.”
Monica D. Pecot, Program Manager, Community Career Development, Inc.