Class Description

senses-soul-class-descriptionEmotion: SOS is the training you never got in how to powerfully use your thoughts and feelings to increase you happiness and success. A course in three independent parts; each actively experiential class will take you through a remarkable process of awakening to the naturally intended use of the same internal messages that are more often troubling and painful. Weekly group study sessions by conference call with web-based resources bring you new information and self-awareness exercises to practice at home. Each 40-day training will bring both immediate and lasting improvement to your quality of life.

Relief from Those Heavy Thoughts and Feelings Forever

Available for Self-Study and Recurring Live Groups. Begins next: April 24th

Learn a new and hugely beneficial way to work with your internal world to elevate mood and consciousness. You’ll get safe expert guidance through the heavy but healing emotions of shame, guilt, desire, and grief to gain their benefits.

You will discover that these strong emotions bring you information and answers to heal and solve your problems. When you listen and respond by taking care of the needs that emotions reveal, they depart like a messenger who’s done her job and you feel good again. Then, whenever life shows your mistakes and defects, or brings huge losses, or when you feel lost or abandoned, you will have gained the ability to skillfully move through such challenges to safe ground and even greater peace.


If You Feel It You Can Heal It: Find Your Power in Fear, Desire, and Anger

Available for Self-Study and Recurring Live Groups. Begins next: March 6th

The intense energies of Fear, Desire, and Anger can move mountains to create a strong life, or they can destroy health, relationships, and happiness. You can’t survive without power, but the lesson we are all learning is how to use it wisely. Feeling strong emotions is not the problem; they are not the cause of suffering but indicate and can help you solve problems. Using them well to take care of yourself is the only way to relief. These emotions require our full awareness, information about their benefits, and intelligent self guidance. With practice they are harnessed like wild horses to take us where we want to go for great safety, confidence, success and spiritual elevation.

Live Your Higher Emotions: 

Create Profound Peace Using The Senses of the Soul. Recurring. See schedule for next start date.

Spend more time enjoying the elevated states of consciousness like Understanding, Love, Serenity, Bliss, and states beyond words. These are the highest and most effective human states of consciousness, subtle but full of energy. Every energy state has a vibratory frequency that you emanate and everyone else feels and responds to. Think of your combination of thoughts, feelings, words, and actions at any moment as a distinct sound.  Just like beautiful music, a sad song, or fingernails on a chalk board, your vibration has an effect on others, which in turn creates how they treat you. In this way you create your entire environments over time.

Using simple Emotion: SOS techniques, this course will familiarize you with the thoughts and feelings associated with all your high and low vibrations, leading to control and the ability to shift higher at will and hence improve your entire situation inside and out.