Control Your Domain

Control Your Domain; Protect Yourself Now                            PRACTICE THIS MEDITATION NOW! PLAY MP3 BELOW

Life is coming at you all the time. Do you have any control over how things affect you?

At times you are just fine, and then… something disturbs you and now it’s hard to stay peaceful. People, their comments and opinions, smiling faces, disapproving looks, your mother’s love, your father’s scorn, painful memories and hopeful thoughts. Everything either strengthens, expands and uplifts or hurts and takes you down.

**IT happens. Do you have any control over how things affect you?

You can learn to discern what you take on!

Everyone needs the ability to filter harm out of the flood of information. This is especially needed for very sensitive souls, anyone who has been heavily harmed, it is essential in dealing with Guilt and Shame, low Self-Esteem and Inner Anger – just to name a few.

You have your life, body, feelings – your territory – and you have the right and responsibility to defend it. You are the master of your domain.

I’d like to share with you a simple process to choose what you allow into your life, your head, your sacred personal space. You are the king or queen of your castle; when gifts arrive you lower the drawbridge, but when hostiles attack, the gates are shut and the guards steadfast.

Control Your Domain

Here are the steps, read them, then do the meditation.

– Establish your sovereign right and sacred space. You are able and deserving.

– Physically, mentally and energetically strengthen your shields and walls.

– Clear the room. Everyone out, even your own memories and habitual thoughts.

– Enjoy the peace, protection and clarity. Get comfortable in your honored place.

– Prepare for guests to approach the outer edge of your territory.

– When you are ready to entertain the incoming info, stop it at the gate.

– If you are still calm you can examine and decide if it is qualified to enter.

– If harmful, turn it away.

– If challenging, see if there is anything at all about it worth keeping, and let that pass through in to you.

– If all good, embrace fully.

– Feel the power of choice and use at will to protect and enhance yourself!


RECLAIM YOUR DOMAIN!                                                PRACTICE THIS MEDITATION NOW!

 CLICK AND PLAY THE MP3 FILE BELOW.                TIME: 17.5 min.

RECLAIM YOUR DOMAIN!                                               PRACTICE THIS MEDITATION NOW! 

CLICK AND PLAY THE MP3 FILE ABOVE.                 TIME: 17.5 min.