Emotional Liberation Online Course

Emotional Liberation 2019: Online Course

A Complete Training in the Therapeutic Use of Emotions.

Emotional Liberation Training
Online & By Phone

A Transformational Journey of Healing, Strength & Wisdom

Enrollment Open now for a limited time until course is full. Course Begins Late February. Enroll now!


Your Emotional Training Support System Includes:

Online & Phone Course Features:
  • 36 Video Classes, New Each Week
  • 36 Life-Coaching Conference Calls w/ GuruMeher
  • Virtual Classroom w/ Weekly Study Guide Docs
  • View every class anytime after the release date for years.
  • Bonus: Attend One (Or More) Live Workshops In LA

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EL Curriculum


Course Include:
  • Private Coaching Sessions With GuruMeher
  • SOS Text Book Or E-Book
  • SOS Audiobook, Including 55 Exercises & Guided Meditations
  • Initial & Post-Training Emotional Assessment
  • Systematic Weekly Personal Practice
  • New Weekly Meditation
  • Private Social Network Group
  • Discounted Additional Private Coaching Sessions
  • All Course Materials Are Yours to Use For Life

Learn Practical Wisdom. Gain Life-Changing Benefits.

Gain expertise in this groundbreaking new paradigm: emotions as allies

  • Master the SOS Method to resolve even the most troubling feelings
  • Understand the purpose and gifts of anxiety, depression, anger and all 7 Heavy Heroes
  • Heal the wounds of earlier trauma and release toxic coping mechanisms
  • Practice 55 specific techniques for quick access to relief on demand
  • Develop a life-long set of skills to use in any tough situation
  • Cultivate healthy emotional habits and energetic boundaries, the ability to feel better and not “take on” other people’s energy
  • Use Empathic sensitivity to act, not react
  • Turn emotion to Devotion, stress into Peace
  • Work closely with GuruMeher in a supportive environment to enjoy the benefits that many report to be more effective than years of therapy
  • This life-changing personal transformation is much more than a one-time fix
  • You will develop innate skills of inner guidance, self-healing and personal power to use for the rest of your life

Course Structure & Support

36 Video Classes, New Each Week (60-75 minutes each) – Each week you will receive a new video full of information and several exercises led by GuruMeher. These classes take you through a sequential hands-on learning experience that builds your awareness and skills at the perfect pace for lasting change.
Complete SOS Textbook or eBook – Weekly reading from the source will give you the ability to use Senses of the Soul as an emotional “first-aid” reference manual to quickly locate the tools you need, when you need them.
Full Audiobook Files accompany each class for additional in-depth understanding you can listen to on the go. This is the entire text and all 55 exercises, accessible by topic and mp4 track.
Live Coaching/ Q & A sessions with GuruMeher – Weekly live group calls will keep you moving forward with the power of shared understanding and GuruMeher’s expert guidance.
Systematic Personal Practice – Each week you will have an exciting new exercise of 11 to 31 minutes to practice. This is the heart of your transformational process.
Personal Assessment Journal – PDF downloads will give you a simple way to recognize, track and share directly with GuruMeher your progressive growth each week.
Initial and Post-Course Self-Assessment – A worksheet will be sent to your inbox to provide an initial reference point, and again at course end to track your positive changes.
Private Coaching Sessions with GuruMeher –  One-on-one coaching sessions with GuruMeher will create a framework for your journey. An initial meeting at the outset will clarify challenges and desired personal outcomes and focus of your program. A second mid-program session is taken at your discretion to break through blocks and accelerate changes. An exit interview will celebrate results and send you on to further emotional excellence.
Peer Support – You will work with others in the program in a variety of ways, including a Private Online Community and optional buddy system. For many, this creates lasting friendships.
Special Rate for Additional Coaching – Private coaching beyond your 3 included sessions is available at any time during the course at a special course rate.
All course materials are yours to access and keep for life.

Bonus: Join me in Los Angeles for any one of the Live Weekend Workshops or anywhere I travel. Additional weekends at a special reduced price.

Dear GuruMeher, I enjoyed this course sooooooo much. I feel stronger, healthier, more self respected and loved. I feel more self-confident and uplifted to be able to fulfill my potential in life. Thank you for these tools, and for your kindness, guidance and humour. I’d like to also thank all the beautiful souls that took this journey with me. Thank you all for you’re sharing and wisdom, it takes a lot of courage to do this type of work, you have been an inspiration to me. We’re all looking for peace and love and this work helps to get us there.

Blessings to you GuruMeher for the most amazing and most IMPORTANT course I have ever taken in my 56 years. Helen Arpin, yoga teacher

Deciding if you have the time? This work will SAVE you countless hours wasted in turmoil.

I have been asked what kind of time one needs to spend in this course. I suggest at least:
75 minutes each week with the video class | 90 minutes each week in a live coaching call | 15 to 35 minutes a day in meditation &

9-Month Course Outline: new video & coaching call weekly

Dates – Module Title – Topic of Study
2/20 – 3/20 – 101 Emotional Liberation; Using Feelings for Self-Healing
3/27 – 4/17 – 102 Stressed to Fearless: Use Anxiety to Create Peace
4/24 – 5/15 – 103 True satisfaction; Tame Desires to Find Fulfillment
5/22 – 6/12 – 104 Empowerment and Honor; Awaken the Protection of Anger
6/26 – 7/17 – 105 Relaxation and Resurrection; Depression Brings Darkness to Light
8/7 – 8/28 – 106 Loving What Matters Most; Grief Sadness and Loneliness Open the Heart
9/4 -9/25 – 107 From Guilt to Inner Guidance: Living Your Truth
10/2-10/23 – 108 Self-Love and Self Esteem, Make Peace with Yourself
10/30 – 11/20 – 109 Healing Your Wounds: Emotion’s Essential Role in Clearing Trauma

Your investment for this Transformation:

Full Emotional Liberation Training, $2995 when paid by 1/9/19

Pay in Full – 1 Payment of $2995

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-Or $500 deposit and 10 Payments of $259/mo. when enrolled by 1/9/19

Full Emotional Liberation Training, $3195 when paid after 1/9/19

– Or $500 deposit and 10 Payments of $279/mo. when enrolled after 1/9/19

$500.00Add to cart

Once you’ve paid your deposit, we’ll contact you to set up your payment plan

Email GuruMeher at gurumeher@SensesOfTheSoul.com for more info or to schedule a conversation about the course.

Enroll Now! Course Begins February 20th.



The Emotional Liberation course was beyond my expectations. It opened my mind and heart to an understanding of my heavy emotions; that they are all important messengers of clear and concise wisdom, guidance, and support, totally customized for my survival. A system of constant caretakers that have brought significant new depth to my self discovery and that answered many questions I had about relationships, my own inner conflicts, stress and disappointments. I’m indebted to the EL course and SOS methods which have transformed my emotional awareness into an uplifting, positive and healthy healing aspect of life. I am forever changed for the better because of it. – Ad Sach Kaur

Thank you for the most wonderful nine months and this brilliant work that you’ve put together.
For me the first step – and biggest impact of this course – was about feeling safe. All my life I’ve done such a good job at repressing my feelings, that in order to do the work I first had to feel that it was safe to actually FEEL my emotions. The first thing you did was to show us how to feel safe with our emotions, and that was the whole key. I had to first recognize that I was having an emotion, to realize, hey something’s not right here, something doesn’t feel good.
Whenever the going gets tough, when I get triggered, when the anger or the fear is so strong I freeze up and get blocked, now I know how to step back and create safety. Then I can do the SOS method, work with the emotion and get through the situation. – Dr. Cliff

This course came at a very difficult time in my life. It helped me invaluably to understand all that I was feeling and to deal with it. I came upon the realization that I’ve been living my life with no self-love and compassion. I was able to discover and unravel how I got into this situation. – Dave

The way the course culminated in these last couple of months with shame and self-love has just been amazing. I have come such a long way in one year, out of a long-term period of confusion and pain. For me, the biggest piece came with the self-love work; reverence for myself has had the most impact and such a gift, a huge reward at the end of my Emotional Liberation journey. I’m so motivated now to do more and make this a permanent part of my life. I found myself in the meditations! Sitting and going inside to heal myself has gone from an assignment to something I build my life around. This work is part of who I am now; it happened slowly but is pivotal change.

I did your tunnel of wisdom meditation followed by the self hug meditation to help me deal with an issue. It was so powerful. I have an exalted feeling of my infinite self. In practical terms of giving up my stressful way of working, alcohol and relationship misbehavior. And now I’m just enjoying myself.

The other big thing is trusting myself and my emotions, as another type of sense; it’s another way that I experience the world just like taste and smell and sight. Now instead of discounting my emotion and, “How do I get rid of it?”, now it’s “Oh this is what I’m feeling and I wonder where that’s coming from”. This is a richer way of experiencing myself. It’s not always pretty but it’s my human existence, it’s real, it’s me, it’s fulfilling and I love it. This, my equipment, is all I need to rebuild my life (which fell apart and initiated this journey) and rebuild my business around who I am.

For instance I just had a session with a woman who’s saves animals but is always traumatized by their pain I just introduced her to this work and it gave her immediately relief. So helping people with their emotions is now what I will be doing for other people. Life feels good. – Laureen

I entered this course with high expectations. I was surprised when the first thing I learned was that I don’t really work with my feelings. I do a lot of self-help courses and do all the work from my head in a way that actually make me feel worse about myself because I’m not what I’m supposed to be. But this work let me feel whatever I was feeling, and from that I could heal. It is an ongoing lifetime of work that I now have the tools to do.

So It’s been amazing all the things that I’ve learned at nine months. I’ve learned to surrender to what I’m actually feeling and what is happening to me without beating myself up. I have so much more self-love and ability to take care of myself than I had before. I want to thank everyone in the class for supporting my process through this year of listening, sharing and support. It was a very important part of the process for me, to know that I’m not crazy and other people are dealing with the same things. – Kerri

Thanks so much for your wonderful course, always inspirational and uplifting. It helps me to continue on my road with strength and compassion. Your work has done wonders for me and so many of my clients with shame and lack of self love. You work so hard and give so selflessly to us all. I can not put into words your kindness and generosity of spirit.
– ANNETTE , counselor

I’ve been living with Cold Depression, which is to say that I work incessantly, don’t take care of myself at all I’m exhausted and depressed but can’t stop. In these last few months, working first with Guilt and Shame, then seeing my patterns and now ending with self-love, this all came clear for the first time. In a coaching session with GuruMeher we discovered that my life is so focused on, and all my energy goes towards taking care of other’s need and the animals at the veterinary hospital. In meditation I saw we found in the session we found that in the session I saw that I can easily care for animals and work responsibilities with the last ounce of my energy, but I cannot find it in me to be kind to myself. This is the underlying pattern that has me bereft of resources, exhausted and depressed, though I am very productive and successful in my career.

We looked at how my ability to give love and care to animals and work tasks is lost on me: why I neglect myself so terribly. I came to see that I have been blaming myself for mistakes in the past and all of this life misery came from my own feeling that I deserve to be punished, so I have been punishing myself. I could love the most horrible rabid dog but not feel that toward myself. This realization helped me get sad. With SOS as a guide, the sadness helped me to not care so desperately about work and stop working 90 hours a week. It leaves me feeling lost and not knowing what to do because I’m not used to doing anything for me and now I have to rebuild my life outside of work and for myself. If I can grieve loss I will not need to be depressed. I’m faced with the question, “Can I love myself even after having made a big mistake?” My work with Shame is to love the good and the bad in me and thereby release this long-standing habit of punishing myself for something I judge as bad. To love and forgive myself. That is the key to healing this pattern and now it’s begun. Thank you! – Maria



GuruMeher means “compassionate teacher”. He has delivered hundreds of classes and workshops internationally for over 30 years. Author of Senses of the Soul, he has created a life-changing system of self-healing which is delivered in live workshops and on the web. An original student of master Yogi Bhajan, GuruMeher has taught Kundalini Yoga and trained teachers for 3 decades. For over twelve years has helped people one-on-one in his professional Life Coaching practice in Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and 2 children.

“We all experience emotions. But do we respond to these signals beneficially? GuruMeher Khalsa’s “Senses of the Soul” provides holistic guidance for listening to and responding to our most challenging feelings. He compassionately weaves science and spirituality together with 52 kriyas that help you transform emotional energy into evolutionary wisdom.” ~ Susan Sach Dharam Bernstein, PhD (Somatic Psychology)