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Sad, Mad….Feeling Bad?


Anxiety, Depression, Shame…these feelings are meant to guide you out of trouble and into happiness.

You are not weak, wimpy, crazy, too sensitive, overly emotional…You just don’t know how to use your emotions for guidance, healing and strength.
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I want to thank the Emotional Intelligence Guide for helping be break through the barriers of worry, hopelessness, anxiety and fear. This guide helped to remind me of the power I have inside of me. – Daniel M.

The Emotional Intelligence Guide will help you to:

  • “Crack the code” of the 7 Heavy Emotions and their purpose
  • Understand what you feel and why
  • Know what you need to do to feel better
  • Develop strength and clarity to deal with difficult situations
  • Resolve chronic emotions and heal trauma

If you’ve ever felt sad, discouraged, upset, frustrated, confused, angry, worthless, hopeless, or unloved…read on!

Senses of the Soul relieves anxiety, depression, fear, anger, grief, low self-esteem and trauma quickly and for good, without the use of drugs or costly programs! Senses of the Soul is a proven method of self-therapy developed by me, a master yogi with over 35 years of experience.

If you suffer from debilitating emoitons, its time for you to join Senses of the Soul and the best place to start is by entering your email to receive the incredible Emotional Intelligence Guide and the hands-on Emotional Balance Video.

I have lots of challenges to get through. Having the Emotional Intelligence Guide as a map helps me to understand that I can believe in myself! Wow, wow, wow! What an awesome (in the true sense of the word) technique. – Laura M.

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Why is the Emotional Intelligence Guide such an incredible clearing tool?

The Emotional Intelligence Guide offers years of clinical experience and in-depth understanding of emotions and personal growth based on over 35 years of dealing with the hearts and minds of real people.

Plus, the Emotional Intelligence Guide:

  • Condenses the entire SOS method into one, easy to use chart. It’s like SOS Cliff’s Notes!
  • Gives you the clarity to know what you feel, why you feel it, and what that emotion has to offer you for healing and growth~
  • Works instantly! Just looking at the guide will improve your sense of well-being!

I’m a basically pretty happy, “together” person but there is something that feels like a residue of unhappiness that surrounds me. The Emotional Intelligence Guide is really great and totally eye opening. It’s now so easy for me to tell exactly how I feel! Then I can do something about it. – Tasha T.