Emotional Liberation Course Live in Los Angeles

Emotional Liberation 2018: Live Version

A Complete Training in the Therapeutic Use of Emotions.

Emotional Liberation Training
– Live Workshops Course –

A Transformational Journey of Healing, Strength & Wisdom

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A Complete Support System, designed for real change:

Live Course Features:
  • 3 Weekend Workshops, in West Los Angeles
  • Three Days Each To Discover Each Emotion’s Use & Gifts
  • Yoga, Meditation, Coaching, Sharing, Home Study

Workshop Dates

  • April 20th – 22nd; 9am to 4:30 pm
  • July 20th – 22nd; 9am to 4:30 pm
  • September 28th – 30th; 9am to 4:30 pm
Both Courses Include:
  • 3 Private Coaching Sessions With Gurumeher
  • SOS Text Book Or E-Book
  • SOS Audiobook w/ 55 Guided Meditations
  • Initial & Post-Training Emotional Assessment
  • Systematic Weekly Personal Practice
  • New Weekly Meditation
  • Peer Support. You Are Not Alone!
  • Discounted Private Coaching
  • All Course Materials Are Yours For Life

See the Full Class Schedule Here

EL Curriculum


Learn Life-Long Skills & Practical Wisdom for Emotional Wellbeing

Gain expertise in this groundbreaking new paradigm: emotions as allies

  • Master the SOS Method to resolve even the most troubling feelings
  • Understand the purpose and gifts of anxiety, depression, anger and all 7 Heavy Heroes
  • Heal the wounds of earlier trauma and release toxic coping mechanisms
  • Practice 55 specific techniques for quick access to relief on demand
  • Develop a life-long set of skills to use in any tough situation
  • Cultivate healthy emotional habits and energetic boundaries, the ability to feel better and not “take on” other people’s energy
  • Use Empathic sensitivity to act, not react
  • Turn emotion to Devotion, stress into Peace
  • Work closely with GuruMeher in a supportive environment to enjoy the benefits that many report to be more effective than years of therapy
  • This life-changing personal transformation is much more than a one-time fix
  • You will develop innate skills of inner guidance, self-healing and personal power to use for the rest of your life

Course Structure & Support for Your Emotional Training

Live Weekends – We meet in a cozy workshop setting in Los Angeles to explore and master our emotions.  
Complete SOS Textbook or eBook – Weekly reading from the source will give you the ability to use Senses of the Soul as an emotional “first-aid” reference manual to quickly locate the tools you need, when you need them.
FullAudiobook Files accompany each class for additional in-depth understanding you can listen to on the go. This is the entire text and all 55 exercises, accessible by individual topic and track.
Live Coaching/ Q & A sessions with GuruMeher – Weekly live group calls will keep you moving forward with the power of shared understanding and GuruMeher’s expert guidance.
Systematic Personal Practice – Each week you will have an exciting new exercise of 11 to 31 minutes to practice. This is the heart of your transformational process.
Personal Assessment Journal – PDF downloads will give you a simple way to recognize, track and share directly with GuruMeher your progressive growth each week.
Initial and Post-Course Self-Assessment – An initial worksheet will be sent to your inbox to provide an initial reference point for your positive changes, as well as a measure of your changes.
Private Coaching Sessions with GuruMeher – 3 one-hour, one-on-one coaching sessions with GuruMeher will create a framework for your journey. An initial meeting at the outset will clarify challenges and desired personal outcomes and focus of your program. A second mid-program session is taken at your discretion to break through blocks and accelerate changes. An exit interview will celebrate results and send you on to further emotional excellence.
Peer Support – You will work with others in the program in a variety of ways, including a Private Online Community and optional buddy system. For many, this is a favorite that creates lasting friendships.
Special Rate for Additional Coaching – Private coaching beyond your 3 included sessions is available at any time during the course fat a special course rate.
All course materials are yours to access and keep for life.


Rather do the Online Course?

Go to Emotional Liberation Online Version

Thanks so much for your wonderful course, always inspirational and uplifting. It helps me to continue on my road with strength and compassion. Your work has done wonders for me and so many of my clients with shame and lack of self love. You work so hard and give so selflessly to us all. I can not put into words your kindness and generosity of spirit.
– ANNETTE , Nov. 2014

Do you have the time? You will SAVE countless hours wasted in pain and turmoil.

I have been asked what kind of time one needs to spend in this course. Give yourself the gift of one “retreat” weekend per month to invest in your life-long emotional health.
And then a daily practice of 15 to 35 minutes in meditation & self-reflection will bring you the clarity and strength to see through problems and clear up issues.

Weekend Workshop Schedule of Topics:

Module – Dates Title and Monthly Focus
April 20th – 22nd 101 Emotional Liberation; Using Feelings for Self-Healing
Modules 101-103 102 Stressed to Fearless: Use Anxiety to Create Peace
103 True satisfaction; Tame Desires to Find Fulfillment
 July 20th – 22nd 104 Empowerment and Honor; Awaken the Protection of Anger
 Modules 104-106 105 Relaxation and Resurrection; Depression Brings Darkness to Light
106 Loving What Matters Most; Grief Opens the Heart
 September 28-30 107 From Guilt to Inner Guidance: Living Your Truth
 Modules 107-109 108 Self-Love and Self Esteem, Make Peace with Yourself
109 Healing Wounds: Emotion’s Essential Role in Clearing Trauma

Your investment for this Transformation:

Full Emotional Liberation Training Course, $2795 when paid by 1/25/18; $2995 when paid after 1/25/18


Pay in Full by 1/25/18 – 1 Payment of $2795

Pay in Full after 1/25/18 – 1 Payment of $2995

$2,995.00Add to cart

8 Payments when begun by 1/25/18 – Enrollment Price: $362/ mo. for 8 Months

8 Payments when begun after 1/25/18 – Enrollment Price: $389/ mo. for 8 Months

$339.00Add to cart


Email GuruMeher at gurumeher@SensesOfTheSoul.com For more info or to schedule a conversation about the course.


Working with Gurumeher has truly been life changing. I didn’t really believe it would be possible to heal old wounds and move forward in my life as a more actualized authentic me, but I find myself growing and becoming stronger everyday through this process. The work seems simple on its surface, but in fact it is deeply challenging. Each emotion, however uncomfortable brings a gift. Gurumeher helped me to recognize and unlock those gifts. Senses of the Soul is a course that anyone can use to learn valuable skills that will make life better everyday. – Michele Costa

SOS absolutely changed my life. Just come with whatever issues you are dealing with. GuruMeher takes very complicated life problems and breaks them down. His simple techniques help you see how to solve problems and make big changes. He doesn’t heal you, he teaches you how to heal yourself. His work shows you the beauty and gifts of emotions we’ve all been taught to suppress and apologize for. Thank you for teaching me to be my authentic self. – Candace Lifson

I highly recommend the heart-centered work developed by GuruMeher. The course material of Senses Of The Soul/Emotional Liberation IS evolutionary. Students become their own teacher. Support is offered in a group setting as well as 1:1. Our family dynamics were compassionately explored and poked. This yielded tremendous, loving growth. My husband, daughter and myself discovered the gifts of our emotional selves as well as the gifts of our relationship to all life. During this nine month journey we tenderly nurtured ourselves as individuals while divinely cultivating a “be-coming”, a new “Group Family”. We are grateful for the gift of this new Family.The prize is definitely worth the price. Much Love.Infinite Gratitude. Akal Sahai, Toni

I came down to LA from Vancouver, Canada, to attend the final weekend ( healing past trauma) in the Emotional Liberation course with GuruMeher. It was a powerful experience to be able to expose my long hidden anxiety in front of a totally supportive group and then receive GuruMeher’s positive insights and unique healing tools. I am very motivated to use these techniques and will draw strength from this weekend in moving forward. – Dr. Keith Symon

After years of wonderful spiritual practice and studies, I remained ‘stuck’ in some painful behaviors. My wife asked me to try just one more course to improve myself, SOS/Emotional Liberation with GuruMeher. Having just completed the 9-month curriculum, I am so grateful for GuruMeher and his work. I am a much improved version of myself: less frustrated, more peaceful with a rich understanding of my emotions and how they help me face life’s challenges. I strongly encourage anyone whose emotions are hindering their lives to consider this very practical course of study. It’s a gift I will continue to use. My thanks to GuruMeher for his expertise, compassion and understanding in bringing us this powerful information. – Dr. Bob Lifson

I have spent decades blocking my emotions. I was taught not to express emotions especially the ones that are thought to be negative such as anger. Working with GuruMeher’s SOS modality has blown this construct apart by guiding me to work with my emotions, to make them my friends and thus to be able to uncover the messages they so badly want to relay so I can grow into peace with myself . GuruMeher is an incredible teacher, coach and mentor. The information he gives is practical and palatable. He can truly peel off the layers to get to the heart of who you truly are. – Harpreet



GuruMeher means “compassionate teacher”. He has delivered hundreds of classes and workshops internationally for over 30 years. Author of Senses of the Soul, he has created a life-changing system of self-healing which is delivered in live workshops and on the web. An original student of master Yogi Bhajan, GuruMeher has taught Kundalini Yoga and trained teachers for 3 decades. For over twelve years has helped people one-on-one in his professional Life Coaching practice in Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and 2 children.

“We all experience emotions. But do we respond to these signals beneficially? GuruMeher Khalsa’s “Senses of the Soul” provides holistic guidance for listening to and responding to our most challenging feelings. He compassionately weaves science and spirituality together with 52 kriyas that help you transform emotional energy into evolutionary wisdom.” ~ Susan Sach Dharam Bernstein, PhD (Somatic Psychology)