Emotional Liberation Workshop Series

Emotional Liberation 2016: Weekend Workshop Series

Master the Senses of the Soul in 9 Modules

GuruMeher will guide you through an uplifting and intimate

weekend to unlock the therapeutic power of your emotions.

Heal yourself from pain of the past and gain the skills to live free of suffering. In a safe, supported and proven structure, you will enjoy cutting-edge information, yoga & meditation, guided visualization, group support and coaching by the author.

Place: Private Home in Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (address sent upon registration)

Saturday and Sunday 9am to 4:30 pm, Lunch break 12 to 1:30

Call GuruMeher for more information: 310-788-0339

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9 Weekends – Take Any or ALL

• March 12-13: SOS Method of Self Therapy
• April 9-10: From Stressed to Fearless
• May 7-8: Satisfying Your Desires
• June 4-5: Anger is Your Personal Protector
• July 2-3: Darkness to Light – Depression’s Gifts
• Aug 6-7: Sadness Heals the Broken Heart
• Sep 10-11: Live Guilt-Free with Integrity
• Oct 8-9: Self Love and Self Esteem
• Oct 29-30: Triumph Over Trauma – Heal the Past

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GuruMeher lead me through techniques that allowed me to really experience self-compassion. In an afternoon, I was able to transform this abstract idea into my reality. Now I go about my day experiencing life from a position of self-love rather than the old tapes that blocked me from my true Self.
– AK

The workshop was an amazing journey into myself in a totally supported environment. I learned how to look at, cultivate and nurture the relationships in my life with more clarity. Anyone who is willing to take that journey will benefit tremendously in all their relationships including the relationship you have with yourself. Bring yourself and your courage and enjoy the blessings.
– JM

GuruMeher guided us with compassion and lightness through an adventure in dropping limiting patterns and beliefs. He inspired me to fearlessly uncover the truth and beauty of myself.
– Julie

This is amazing stuff, it’s not a lecture that tells you what to do…it’s a “hands on” course that allows you to see results. Guru Meher gives you the tools to work with your emotions in a very possitive way.
– Jeanette

I was having a difficult time letting go of a guy that was not good for me. This course helped me see the patterns in my relationships. I was able to let that person go. I now see the qualities I truly want in a man, and see the qualities I love in myself.
– S

I was able let go of some anger and uncomfortable emotions from the past. Now I have more energy and feel free.
– Alexandra

I learned “Senses” at a challenging time after my mother died, the family challenged the will, and my marriage ended!!. It helped me first recognize what I was feeling apart from others, then to use the energy as a constructive and beneficial tool. The course helped me to see the emotional whirl wind and stay calm, clear minded and soul centered. Staying relaxed made the process easier and even helped those around me. I am now able to act and not react.

I love Guru Meher’s teaching style and sense of humor, and am forever grateful for this wonderful course! Thank YOU!
– Mahan K.

GuruMeher is a sensitive and caring instructor. He encourages you to stretch—physically, mentally and spiritually—as you participate in his classes, and he brings a philosophy of personal growth to every session. He’s an active teacher and coach, and really helps you get closer to your real self through yoga.
– Hilda Weiss