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The Heavy Heroes

Understand What Each Emotion is Trying to Help You With


Heavy Heroes

I grew up with stories of superheroes like Superman and The Flash. Each superhero has his or her own special powers, like strength, speed, or fire. It’s common, with the greater evils all around, for these heroes to team up so all their powers can be used together, with each unique skill coming forward to save the day in a particular situation. Together the superheroes can take on and handle any challenge. Let’s think of your various emotions in the same way, each with a special skill ideally suited for a particular type of situation. Together they have all the abilities you need to handle anything. But just like the heroes when they were young, you have to learn how your emotional powers work individually and together to take care of yourself and your world.

So far, I’ve shown you some new ways to understand and work with any emotion by looking at the common purpose that all emotions share. You practiced a simple process using careful awareness to get the essential information and solutions from any emotion. Now we will discover the special use of seven primary “difficult” emotions. Each of these Seven Heavy Heroes is the head of a family of feelings with many offspring or versions and variations that are forms of the main patron. Usually you feel a complex blend of several emotions that is confusing and even more difficult to respond to than a single one. The ability to distinguish each emotion when you encounter it in yourself and in others, and to then understand what it’s trying to help you with, is an essential human skill that will bring you great benefits.

The ability to distinguish each emotion and understand what it’s trying to help you with is an essential human skill.

The Seven Heavy Heroes

  • Fear brings safety, comfort, and fearlessness. It jumps fast for information and action during danger and change.
  • Desire leads to satisfaction, contentment, and empowered self-containment. Its hot sticky pull won’t quit until you know how to take care of what you really need.
  • Anger is your intense protector and go-getter. Its hot strength teaches you how to use this power for the good of all.
  • Depression’s strategy is to stop and give up so you can move on and win. Its dead dark energy forces you to relax, review, and renew until you surrender to your higher power.
  • Grief nurtures you to awaken and heal your heart. Its bittersweet longing dives deep within to find wholeness after any loss or change.
  • Shame drives you to accept yourself. You will hate or hide until you come to love all as perfect in its imperfection.
  • Guilt is an internal compass that uses mistakes to teach responsibility and integrity. This strict internal judge guides you to be true to your Self.