it’s crazy out there. Make Your SELF Safe

If you’re following any source of news media (and I fully recommend carefully managing your intake) you know it’s just getting crazier out there. The speed and intensity of huge changes is creating fear and overwhelm. Our collective inability to handle that is causing a second tier of problems like epidemic opioid use.
Is it getting to you? What to do?
Don’t take it on! The world is not yours to manage. It is your world that you must handle.You can make a safe space in and around yourself.
As for your external surroundings and relationships, there are very clear-cut practical processes you can undertake to be free of unnecessary stressors. These include:
Clearing up unresolved issues
Eliminating bother some things that you have been tolerating
Setting strong healthy boundaries to protect yourself.
Learning to speak up and get support to get your needs met.
Raising your standards
Living your valuesAny life coach and many self-improvement books can help you with these programs.

The other side of creating peace in your world is the inside job, your body mind and emotions. If it is not a beautiful world when you were sitting quiet and still with no X ternal pressures how can you be peaceful under normal activity? Heaven is in your mind. So, as simple and small as it may seem, sitting still for a while every day and creating your own personal oasis, Building it day by day, is the most effective thing you can do to live in a world peace. It will certainly affect your immediate experience, and if enough of us do this this world really can live as one.
PS: if you need some more concrete suggestions to create your safe space, just let me know. It’s what I do!

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