Good Grief!

Good Grief!

Grief is good. When you feel sadness, loneliness, regret, your heart is open, strong and caring. It hurts, yes, and you don’t like that pain. But have the courage to dive deep into that heartache which is demanding your attention. Hidden beneath the bitter feeling is a bittersweet longing that reveals what matters most. Your awakened heart can then show you where to find it. When you listen.

Every person you ever see has felt and will often feel their heart pierced by the loss of things held dear. Nothing can stop CHANGE on the physical plane! Sadness is terribly humbling; we feel weak and vulnerable in our need for love and connection, even embarrassed by our longing. But take heart and be proud of your tender hearted, big hearted, broken hearted self. Otherwise you’ll be cold hearted, dark hearted or closed hearted.

We live in a world largely lost to the art of heart-directed guidance. We normally let the wandering mind lead us through life, comparing and competing, following its changing whims. But the heart is the Searchlight, beaming out to illuminate the source of our individual contentment.

You can’t stop the painful pull of your soul when it, through loss, points to the naked truth, its demands your fulfillment. What you can do is tearfully follow where it leads, find your way to gratitude for the gift that was given and taken away. Recognize the life-enhancing qualities it brought you, and that how it enriched you remains ever with you. Then it’s safe to release it as the temporary one-and-only source of your satisfaction. This is the process called Grief.

Will you take 15 minutes to dive in and try it?

Follow this simple guided meditation to experience the Good in Grief.

Exercise: Get to the Heart of Grief

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