Guilt – Your Right to Choose

Guilt – Your Right to Choose

How do you know what’s right? Plenty of people want to tell you what’s right and wrong, what you should do. But there are always at least two sides, and they are usually in conflict with each other. When that conflict is inside your own head that’s a war that can wear you out.

There are so many choices. Everybody wants to sell you their beliefs, convince you, win you over or force you to take their political stance, religious belief, opinion or way of doing things. You can’t decide and you live with an internal conflict without conviction. You hold one viewpoint or follow a law then popular opinion and even the law changes. We feel bad when enough people say we’re wrong, and it’s worse when we tell ourselves we are bad. What’s a truth seeker to do?

The only way through and decision and moral dilemma is to find YOUR truth. Happily, it is always accessible. You have an internal compass to know what’s right and wrong, and it is called Guilt. You don’t like or trust Guilt because it has historically been hijacked by others to manipulate you into following their beliefs and their truths. But you can reclaim Guilt and it’s pure original purpose: to let you no when you strayed from your integrity so you can follow the only truth that will set you free.

Conscious Guilt serves as an internal judge, so we can evaluate our actions and align with our true character. Working mindfully with Guilt we will reclaim our ability to know our own highest truth, and learn to live it.

Conscious Guilt is an opportunity for honest self-review. When you make a mistake, Guilt illuminates a chance to review your behavior and find what works for you and what doesn’t. You can then correct your behavior to prevent those undesirable consequences in the future. You are the only judge!

“Old” Guilt judges, attacks and tries to actually eliminate whatever is considered “bad” in oneself or others. But we are always a blend of all possibilities. Conscious Guilt helps us navigate and work with our intrinsic and inevitable opposites like good and bad. Taking responsibility for our mistakes, the “weak” or “evil” within our imperfect selves, brings us to integrity – the ability to stand strong and confidently in all that we do. Without clear convictions we are conflicted and can be convicted.

Be done with sin and suffering. When you feel bad the first job is to get to neutral, and use that clarity to honestly assess the decision or action. Your gut will tell you if it was/ is okay with you. If not, take responsibility to mend your ways. Feeling good about yourself is the reward.

More about getting neutral and sorting out Truth next time in: Tell the Truth! Who’s Truth?

When the healing influences of free-flowing guilt and shame flow gracefully through your psyche, you won’t be painfully shame-ridden or guilt-laden; instead you’ll have a com passionate sense of ethics, the courage to judge and supervise your own conduct, and the strength to amend your behaviors without inflating or deflating your ego unnecessarily. …you’ll feel proud of yourself… Karla McLaren

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