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Dear Friends,

Do you feel as good as you would like to?  You just can’t be happy when you feel bad. Most people have troubling thoughts and emotions – mild or severe, at times or all the time. And they just keep coming whether you medicate, over-stimulate, or try to withdraw.

What if all those heavy feelings held the secrets of your happiness? I have found that emotions are your friends, designed to tell you what is wrong, and what you need to do about it to get back to feeling good.  This means you have within you all you need to solve your problems.

Why are emotions such a relentless Pain? They want to help, but YOU ARE NOT LISTENING. I can help you safely listen to and understand the cues to personal peace that you have been feeling but not knowing what to do with. With a little training you can know how to find relief from heavy emotions, healing from early trauma, clearing of long-standing patterns, and solutions for current unresolved issues. Once you learn to use emotions skillfully, they are your allies for life

I have been helping others to feel better mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally for over 30 years. I’ve trained the chronically insecure to grow self-esteem, successful but lonely men to feel love again, unhappy couples to find appreciation for each other, and depressed folks of all ages to move into life. Emotional self-healing has made all the difference for many clients abused as children where 20 years of therapy could not. Many students of this work have no great problems, but simply find easier access, deep peace and rich inner joys.

On these pages you will find information that can first change how you approach your emotions. To simply begin to view them as empowering assets has helped hundreds of people forge a deeper relationship to them. Read the resources for a taste of the work. If it resonates, go deeper with a free class or printed practice. I have self-study courses you can start today, as well as a recurring schedule of web-based training and live events. And I work with people with equal success in my L.A. office and by phone.

You are invited to learn on your own or let me help you directly. I am comfortable working with any situation. Feelings are my friends and no longer hurt me; I can teach you the same. Come learn that sensitivity is a strength!

Warmly, GuruMeher