Handle Your Heat Homepage

Handle Your Heat Homepage
Hello friends,
Join me for a 40-Day Summer practice and study:
Handle Your Heat
Tuesday August 15th – Saturday September 23rd.
Many of you asked for community support for a practice, so…. Join me for the full 40 days of yoga and meditation, weekly humanology and emotional, well-being and lifestyle topics.
It will all come through my newsletters (sign up here) and twice a week Facebook posts (friend me here). Participate as much as you can!

Join me for the next post on Facebook Live on Monday 8/28 at 3:30pm PST.

Here is the 11 minute meditation with guided visualization:
Here is the 15-30 minute yoga set:
Here is the Audio Link to listen:
Article from 8/14
Our 40-Day Summer practice “Handle Your Heat” begins tomorrow!
Join me on Facebook Live TODAY, 8/14 at 3:30pm PT to kick it off, set intentions and go over the meditation.
The meditation and yoga set are below, and at the Handle Your Heat homepage where you’ll see everything we send out weekly in these newsletters and Facebook posts (friend me here).
Your results can be enhanced by setting a clear intention at the outset of any endeavor. It is to let the Universe – and your Mind – clearly know what you want. So don’t be shy to ask for something that will improve your life. Here are a few thoughts and suggestions to get you going.
Consider Process over Product. What you want (the end product) is important, but you are going to achieve it by a shift in How you operate(your process). Objects of our Desires come and go, that’s fine. But when you upgrade who you are and how you flow through life, that enhanced operating system stays with you forever and can make all that you need come to you more easily. So include in your intention the way in which you act and go about life.
In this practice, rather than thinking about what you have or don’t have, look at resource management: how you use what is there. The resource is energy. Handling your heat is like learning to cook on a stove: too much heat scorches and burns. Food tastes bad, is ruined, unusable. Not enough heat makes the meal a struggle, tough to chew or digest. When you apply the right amount of energy at the right time it’s a beautiful meal.
So it is with your life force. You are given enough to live your life, your way, to thrive. Not as others are living, for they have their allotment of energy and challenges to solve in their way. But if you can recognize your resources, handle and put them to use toward your purpose, you will fulfill your purpose!
Though it seems that so much of this depends on the world outside of us, it all depends on a very internal process. That’s why this meditation helps us focus on the inner game of handling our selves. You sit for just 11 minutes in an exercise where gravity and muscle are met with breath, mind and will to meet the challenge and create an alchemical change in attitude. The yoga set will help generate or release heat as needed to create balance.
So set your intention and let’s go. Send me yours (it does help to go public!) and I will share some of them, anonymously or however you want to sign it.
Article from 8/7
Our 40-Day Summer practice “Handle Your Heat” begins next Tuesday 8/15 and continues through the Fall Equinox.
The idea is to fortify ourselves to withstand the pressure of the times, to share and support each other with a resilience-giving meditation at the core of a study about handling what life brings.

I am vacationing with my family, mom, 3 sibs and extended family in the sweet, humid heat of South Carolina – on the beach near Charleston. I grew up in the south, Atlanta, so I know this kind of heat and am fortunate now to go in the ocean all day.

How do you keep your cool, handle pressure, deal with anger, use your power? I will be looking at many forms of energy-management, asking about your challenges and sharing ideas you send.
In the practice of Kundalini Yoga, we like heat, we play with fire, do Breath of Fire and strive to manage it. Yogi Bhajan said it was easier to work with a difficult student with lots of energy than someone with no energy. So he gave us many life-force producing kriyas and disclipline-building teachings to work with. He was never afraid to play with fire. But it is up to each of us to use them, find our power, and not get burned (or burned out!).
***Stay tuned to these newsletters and Facebook posts (friend me here).
***Go to the Handle Your Heat homepage for a peek at the 11-minute meditation and the 15 to 30 minute yoga set we’ll start next Tuesday. I’ll send it out in next Monday’s newsletter as well for you to print.
***Join me on Facebook Live on Monday 8/14 at 3:30pm PST so we can review the meditation and yoga set, and all start the 40 day practice together the very next day!
Article from 7/31 – How Do You Handle Your Heat?
 Whether it’s from your mom, your own anger, or the summer sun?
Energy runs everything! And you have enough, but how do you manage it? Too much and someone gets burned; too little and you are left out in the cold. What is “Just Right” for you? Whether it’s body temperature, metabolism, hyperactivity and fatigue, power struggles or climate-change record temperatures, moderation is the sweet spot. And that requires control, handling heat to have the right amount to do the job. Anger as a source of power to skillfully manage will be a major topic.
Skillfully Handling Heat is a path to personal and world peace. Imagine Leaders, Governments, Countries and all people taking care of their needs and their business fully while doing no harm! It starts with you. Where are you too hot or too cold with your power, passion, compassion, motivation, ambition, mentation, emotion,.activity, productivity
Our mission at SOS is self management, self therapy, self love; learning to manage our life and resources to be happy. So let’s do this together.
Mark your calendars now to start on Tuesday August 15th!