Let’s Not Be Brats

Let’s Not Be Brats
We live better today than kings and queens throughout history. We have better health, longer life spans and way better physical and mental living conditions than the royalty of past. Have you noticed that this abundance of ease is breeding a culture of entitlement?
How do you feel when you are stuck in traffic in your amazing modern vehicle? What do you think when the barista keeps you waiting in line for your latte? How do you feel when the love of your life doesn’t say or do what you want? When “customer service” keeps you on hold? When the miraculous internet or the super-computer in your pocket goes down for a bit?
See it in and around you: impatience, expectation, an assumption that you are inherently entitled to an undisturbed flow of satisfaction.
I’m not suggesting we lower our ever-rising standards. But quality of life has clearly become less about another convenience than about mental poise and emotional warmth. This is the new frontier of our rising wealth; growing our inner riches.
In the countless stories of privilege and power, there are those who fall into greed and abuse, contrasting with those who are gracious and kind. Today we are all in that position and must make that choice. Yes. It is a choice. Intention and effort toward your highest dreams are great. But when expectations are not balanced by acceptance, by surrender to the actual outcome, we suffer. (And inflict pain on others in our way!) So let’s not be spoiled brats, but gracious and grateful kings and queens ruling our domain with constant appreciation for what IS.
The practice of gratitude is popular and powerful. Make your list if you haven’t yet done so. Review it each day. But keep that attitude when you need it most, when you are not getting what you want, when you want it. When times are dark, look for what light there is. THE UNIVERSE IS ALWAYS 50/50. Your experience is determined by your focus, by what you are looking at. The waitress is slow, or, I am fortunate to be waiting for a nice meal. My lover is not _____, but I do have a lover. I don’t have a lover, but I can go find love by helping others. This year my situation is not as good as last year, but I am alive!
If you can do this, you will not dread the holidays nor feel sad and depressed. (Not that there is anything wrong with those feelings; if you use them as Senses of the Soul). You have enough, enough to be even-keeled, to wait for yours; you can afford grace and kindness. You will be thankful when others do that, and you will be grateful to be living in that consciousness. This is my Thanksgiving wish for all of us.


Blessings, GuruMeher


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