Not Jolly Holidays? Turn Sadness Into Love

How do the Holidays make you feel? 

I asked folks to name their most frequent difficult feelings in a Holiday Emotions workshop last weekend.  50% named Fear(Anxiety, Overwhelm, etc.) as their #1. But when I asked what heavy emotions are most common in December, Sadness (Grief and Loneliness) was for most people #1 during the Holidays. (Anger/ frustration/ resentment was 2nd.)
You may not be in this majority, but many others are. If it is you that Grief visits like the Ghost of Christmas Past, you are NOT alone. But do you know where it’s coming from and how to use it to feel better?

Grief & Sadness arise to deal with loss and change. When you once had something that is gone. When you expect or want and hope for something that is not here. Or when you anticipate loss, that something will not last or will never happen… Sadness’ job is to help you adjust to change, change your expectations, and fill the hole that the loss has left in you.

The gifts of Grief are love and Reverence. It is a bittersweet feeling that clarifies what you want, need, and love. Sweet because it opens your awareness. (painfully, yes) to see your heart’s desire. With a bit of practice, the pain of sadness can guide you through the loss by opening your heart so it can lead you to fullness.

To make yourself whole is the goal. To see what the pain wants you to gain; to make the shift from what you don’t have to what you can get; to consciously fill that void… this takes a “critical mass” of energy and clarity. With it you can consciously navigate the bitter and get to the sweet.

Sadness calls you to sit quietly, get cozy, and go inside for a good heart-to-heart with your heart. If this time of year calls you to do that, listen! See the video below for a direct experience of working with Sadness.
If you would like hand’s-on help mastering your sadness, or would like to help others to do so, see the info on Emotional Liberation Training below.

Peace Be In You,


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