Your Year of Emotional Health

Was there anything about last year that you didn’t feel good about? Those feelings are your clues to what you want to improve this year.  The question is, do you pick up and follow the clues? That’s what Senses of the Soul is all about, listening to your emotions so that you know what you want and what you need to do to get it.  Do you know what will make you feel better about this year and your life?  Emotional Health!

Emotional Health is when you neither suppress your emotions nor let them overwhelm you and run your life. Instead, Emotional Health is when you feel your emotions in a neutral manner, and let them guide youth solutions. Your emotions have functions, they are guideposts for how you can get back to happiness.  For instance, the feeling of Fear encourages your to investigate your surroundings and see where you need more safety.  The feeling of Guilt leads you to investigate your ethics.  You’re best life happens when you listen to your deepest truth; your emotions will show you that truth.

Whatever intentions you made this year, you need a plan and a support structure to see them through.  That could be a gym and a trainer if you want to improve your fitness, a financial adviser, or taking a class to learn something new.

If you are planning to take your Emotional Health seriously this year, Senses of the Soul is the way to do it! SOS is a cutting edge system, support structure and personal training course all in one!

Here are some easy ways to stay on track with your SOS journey:

  • Purchase a copy of Senses of the Soul and do one meditation from the book a week.  There are 52 meditations in the book.  Committing to one a week is easy and will take you through the entire year!
  • Attend an SOS Workshop in your area.  The group energy really helps the process and there is nothing like a live-event.  Check out the schedule below!
  • Access any of the SOS Method materials.  There are Audio Downloads for all the meditations in the book.  A Video Course that will take you through the entire system.  And an eBook and an Audio Book..  All these tools are available to you to take your journey deeper.
  • Lastly, one-on-one coaching with me.  I’m always available to assist and support your work.  The expertise I bring comes from 15 years of coaching and 12 years of working with this method.
Have you suffered enough? Are you ready for a change? It’s this easy.  Don’t let this be another year you look back on with disappointment. I offer you all my resources and encouragement to help you on your path! Commit and get started now!

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