The Purpose of Anger is:
To help us get what we need and protect us from harm, by:

  1. Sending a message that we do not like what is happening/ has happened, and
  2. Revealing the need beneath that frustration.
  3. Bringing solutions to stop the harm and fill the need.
  4. Supplying energy and passion needed to stop the harm, take the action required.

Then we can be safe, return to peace, and move forward to fulfill other needs.

Misuses and Best Use of Anger

Repressed anger is like a pressure cooker; the awareness of harm and energy are there but are ignored, denied, held back from flowing their protective expression. If anger can’t perform its role to make you safe, like a loyal ninja it keeps trying until you are safe. It will find a way to break through whatever is stopping it from taking care of things. It will even turn on you if you are in the way, harming that which it is trying to protect. Repressed anger leaves us vulnerable and harm continues.

Expressed anger, at its worst, is like a bomb exploding. Energy pours out in an unfocused and usually destructive way. The expresser will not be a victim, like the repressor, but he or she rather will push everything away, the harm and all others, and so will be “safe,” but isolated. Therefore, other needs will not be met, and anger will be needed and misused again, and cycle without relief.

Well-Used Anger
Channeled anger is the ideal. We are able to receive the message of anger, interpret the actual source, the threat and our thoughts around it, and act on a solution that takes care of the need. We return to peace. Our ninja recedes into the shadows until needed again

An Experience of Anger

  1. Take a few minutes to center and relax yourself.
  2. FOCUS on something that is bothering you.
  3. FEEL. How did you/ do you feel. Allow, describe, name all sensations.
  4. ASK what hurt you and how.
  5. Solutions. What would take make you feel better and satisfy your anger?
  6. Take Action. Use the faithful energy of anger to make it happen. You will feel relief, and therefore less anger just knowing what to do, and much better when you do it.