Principles of SOS


Principles of SOS

  • We have within us a system of guidance and self-healing to handle and thrive in any situation life gives us. This sensory system includes our 5 physical sense, the entire body as a sensory organ, our feelings and emotions, our mind and its many facets- including our ability to interpret all these sensations. When these are all used consciously, we have intuition, often called our 6th sense.
  • This sensory guidance system protects from harm and leads to ever-increasing wellbeing. It is available to all, but for most it is not well utilized without correct modeling or training. Since it is our natural equipment, learning to use it is simple and safe.
  • Emotions are an essential part of our sensory system.
  • Emotions are widely misunderstood, and misused in 2 primary ways, either by ignoring and repressing them or by reacting impulsively and acting under their direct control.
  • Correct use of emotions requires processing them through the intellect, with full awareness of their message, purpose, and intent before action is taken.
  • We will always have feelings. Every thought creates a feeling, and tens of thousands of both are generated by the mind each second. So let’s get good at using them.
  • Mind and feelings are to serve you, your highest well-being and purpose. When you are under their control, life is a roller coaster at best.

Our sensory system takes care of us at 4 levels of need:

  1. Immediate protection or needs,
  2. Handling today in such a way as to take care of future needs
  3. Changing harmful patterns and healing the effects of historical trauma,
  4. Healing our human condition, deep life lessons that produce profound peace.

-Hence, emotions are The Senses of the Soul, able to detect and correct how things are going for us in life. Soul can be defined as the faculty in charge of your highest good, and that which has direct access to the broadest awareness.

Though emotions bring immediate and accurate help to improve the quality of daily human life, we will nonetheless relate to them by their highest capability, freedom of the human spirit. Thus our working definition will be:

Definition of Emotions: The Senses of the Soul

The Purpose of Emotions:
To help guide you through life successfully by:

  1. Sending you messages about how things are going for you
  2. Bringing you information, remedies, and solutions to avoid or diminish suffering.
  3. Giving you the appropriate energy to take action in order to increase your wellbeing, to know your life’s purpose, and experience fulfillment.


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