Neutrality & Trust

senses-soul-emotions-serenityNeutrality & Trust


Neutrality is a game-changing viewpoint that sees both sides, all sides, no side. It values peace over position. Personal needs are all handled and trusted to be provided, so there is no pressure, manipulation, determination. Things are allowed rather than pursued. The safety that is so vital to peace of mind comes from an entirely new place, from not seeing any conflict at all.

Experience Neutrality:

Sit comfortably and close your eyes.  Breathe long deep breaths through your nose.  And with each breath relax your body. Retain this grounded feeling and now focus at your forehead and above your head.  Imagine you have access to the space above you, the sky above that, and the whole universe beyond that.

Can you let go of that very familiar and satisfying feeling of needing and exerting and filling the need? You are now trusting that all you need is provided, allowing it to come, finding a new experience of effortless and permanent fulfillment. Go into harder situations that challenge your trust. Find your limit.

When you feel complete with this inquiry, be aware once more of your body and human life sitting between Heaven and Earth.  Now take a few deep breaths and begin to move your fingers and toes and move your neck and slowly open your eyes.

THE MESSAGE: What Does Neutrality Teach You?

Neutrality is deeply restful and healing from the lifetime(s) of effort fighting the unending polarities that are the structure of physical reality. This is why meditation, which generally increases neutrality, is so rejuvenating – the struggle is turned off for a while! I encourage you to enjoy those sensations fully. When the sweetness of sublime peace attracts and interests you more than the excitement of pleasure and the drama of pain, your will progress more effortlessly and rapidly.