Willingness / Optimism

emotion-sesnses-willingnessWillingness / Optimism

Willingness is a vibrational energy that is easy to reach and fun to feel, but only when the weight of worldly affairs have been handled adequately. So, ironically, one must work through the more difficult issues in life without the great energies available in Optimism, before those energies are readily available. It’s like the guy who starts out mopping the floors of the factory and works his way up to CEO; you earn higher states by dealing with the lower ones successfully.

From experiencing the enjoyable vibration of Optimism, list your 3 best ways to go there more often. A few ideas to get you started, though it is important to realize it is not enough just to do the correct action to achieve willingness. Acting “as if” or “fake it ‘til you make it” can be used to learn a new vibration, but when it becomes rote and ritual without evoking the true state of consciousness, one can get stuck thinking the goal is achieved. Better to try the behaviors of the Willing (an external approach) and equally seek the true self-generated thoughts and feelings of the Willingness (Internal approach).

External Practices:  Serve others, face your demons, just do it, recite affirmations, make a collage or altar of your dreams and wishes, support a friend, listen carefully, go out of your way for someone, support a noble cause, make a big promise and deliver beyond it, give your word and keep it, make a huge commitment, set a discipline and maintain it, care for a pet or person in need the relies on you.

Internal Practices: Do all this and take no credit, see God as the Doer, discover your passion, find your values and live them. An extreme “diet” to reduce high levels of resentment and resistance, is to stop doing what you resent and be selfish until you find what you truly are willing to do. This requires careful soul-searching and a strong commitment because the resistance from you and others will be large.  What else can you do to shift into true Willingness? Your unfailing guides are the feelings that cannot be fooled. Your first job is to know the vibration you are in, as it accurately indicates your state of consciousness in the moment, beyond what you show and tell.