Audio Exercise 5 – Depression – Giver of Rest, Hope, and Help


In our fast and competitive times, giving up may be the wisdom of your soul seeking change and renewal. With the careful support you can enjoy balanced energy and find the way through any block.

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Audio Exercise – Depression – Giver of Rest, Hope, and Help

Chapter 7 Depression: Giver of Rest, Hope, and Help
28 A Safe Experience of Depression
29 Putting Depression to Work with At Wit’s End
30 Letting Everything Go—Guided Meditation for Relaxation
31 Half-Hour Revival for Rejuvenation with Spirit to Move On
32 Rest and Rejuvenate with Emotional Fatigue Buster
33 Energy Sustainability with Managing Your Resources
34 Rise and Renew with Resurrection

High Quality Mp3 Audio File to Support Chapters 1-3 in the book. If necessary it can also be enjoyed independently of reading material.
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Enjoy and Become A Friend to Your Feelings.

SKU: SOSAudioExeciseBundle5