Audio Exercise 6 – Grief – Sadness Helps You Heal


Parting is Sweet Sorrow. Explore your ability to grow from loss and change and come out hearty and whole.

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Audio Exercise – Grief – Sadness Helps You Heal

Chapter 8 Grief: Sadness Helps You Heal
35 A Conscious Encounter with Grief
36 Get to the Heart of Grief with Relief from Emotions and the Past
37 Brace for Impact with Shock: Prepare and Repair
37b Sweet Surrender
38 Clear the Way to Happiness with Absorb the Blow and Let It Go
39 Love the Everlasting with Safeguard Your Heart

High Quality Mp3 Audio File to Support Chapters 1-3 in the book. If necessary it can also be enjoyed independently of reading material.
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Enjoy and Become A Friend to Your Feelings.

SKU: SOSAudioExeciseBundle6