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What kind of learner are you? Audio, Visual, Read-Write, or Kinesthetic? I created SOS materials in hard copy, audio and video because we all learn in different ways. Some people don’t want to crack open a book and simply prefer to listen. Others love to watch. Even if you are reading the book, I highly recommend listening to the audiobook or at least the exercises. People have had great results reading and listening in conjunction. If you prefer to watch, then the Self Study classes which are all on video are for you. And please move your body to whatever method you choose!

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Audio Exercises – Complete Set of Audio Downloads

Chapters 1-3 Meet and Befriend Your Emotions
1 A New Relationship to Your Feelings with Long Deep Breathing
2 Your Sensory System: Feeling for Information
3 The Development of Your Sensory System: A Guided Journey
4 Increase Peace with Emotional Balance Breath
5 Emotion as Intuition with See Clearly and The SOS Method
6 A Guided Tour of the Seven Emotions and Pride with Listen Within
Chapter 4 Fear: Use Anxiety to Create Peace
7 A Taste of Fear and Peace
8 Breaking Fear by Facing Fear with Create a Safe Space
9 I Can Handle It with The Steady Warrior
10a Make Fear Talk
10b Ready to Respond
11 Clear Old Fear with Dump Anxiety
12 Replay and Roleplay with Paranoia Flush
13 Deprived No More with All Is Well
14 Getting to the Zero Point: An Oasis Within with Fearless Heart
Chapter 5 Desire: Cravings Guide You to Contentment
15 A Conscious Encounter with Desire
16 Guiding Desire with Cool the Fire
17 Experience Your Instinctual Desire to Survive
18 When You Are Upset: Hear the Cry, Feed the Need
19 Clear the Cobwebs of Past Desires with Let It Go, Let It Flow
20 Listening to the Soul’s Needs with Quench the Longing
Chapter 6 Anger: Define and Refine Your Power
21 Personal Protection with Power to Protect
22 Handle Yourself
23 The Sacred Tantrum
24 Eliminate Inner Anger with Controlled Demolition
25 Your Might Is All Right with Handle Your Heat
26 Sovereign Self-Command with Grace under Fire
27 Be Supreme with Higher Power
Chapter 7 Depression: Giver of Rest, Hope, and Help
28 A Safe Experience of Depression
29 Putting Depression to Work with At Wit’s End
30 Letting Everything Go—Guided Meditation for Relaxation
31 Half-Hour Revival for Rejuvenation with Spirit to Move On
32 Rest and Rejuvenate with Emotional Fatigue Buster
33 Energy Sustainability with Managing Your Resources
34 Rise and Renew with Resurrection
Chapter 8 Grief: Sadness Helps You Heal
35 A Conscious Encounter with Grief
36 Get to the Heart of Grief with Relief from Emotions and the Past
37 Brace for Impact with Shock: Prepare and Repair
37b Sweet Surrender
38 Clear the Way to Happiness with Absorb the Blow and Let It Go
39 Love the Everlasting with Safeguard Your Heart
Chapter 9 Guilt: Your Guide to Truth
40 An Experience of Guilt
41 Lessons Learned with Convicted and Conflicted No More
42 Self-Renewal: Washing Away Patterns of Guilt and Shame with Pittra Kriya
43 Bless Yourself with Being Blessed
44 Bless and Trust with Spiritual Stamina
Chapter 10 Shame: The Teacher of Self-Esteem
45 Your Own Experience of Shame
46 Finding Your Worth with SOS Method for Shame
46 Keep Clear with Self-Care
47 Cut Negative Past Impressions with Emotional Resilience
48 A Self-Directed Self-Image with Overcoming Your Shortcomings
Chapters 11-12 Healing and Self-Love
49 Embracing the Finite and Infinite Self with Accept and Exalt Yourself
50 Gather Gifts from the Garbage
51 Power and Peace: A Self Exalted Experience with Timeless Tunnel of Wisdom
52 Sacred Self-Hug
22 Handle Yourself
30 Letting Everything Go—Guided Meditation for Relaxation

High Quality Mp3 Audio File to Support the book. This version has all Audio Exercises. File size is large and may take many hours to download. If necessary it can also be enjoyed independently of reading material. Downloaded in a zipped format and playable on any Mp3 supported devices (the vast majority of them will). Download link will expire after 4 days for security reasons. If you encounter any problems please contact us.

Enjoy and Become A Friend to Your Feelings.

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