AudioBook, Recordings and Exercises

What kind of learner are you? Audio, Visual, Read-Write, or Kinesthetic? I created SOS materials in hard copy, audio and video because we all learn in different ways. Some people don’t want to crack open a book and simply prefer to listen. Others love to watch. Even if you are reading the book, I highly recommend listening to the audiobook or at least the exercises. People have had great results reading and listening in conjunction. If you prefer to watch, please visit the Self Study classes which are all on video. And please move your body to whatever method you chose!


An Audio Training in the Therapeutic Use of Emotions.
Learn Emotional Self-Therapy – Audio Recordings

A Transformational Journey in Self-Healing – Personal Strength – Inner Wisdom

You can purchase the audio exercises individually, all at once, or as part of the audiobook.

Discover the SOS Method. Emotions are the senses of your soul. Recognizing emotions as guides and allowing them to help you transcend suffering and thrive will lead to a peaceful, abundant life.