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Emotional Liberation is freedom from negative, reactive behavior patterns and the haunting history that caused them. This book will give you the theory and practice to use heavy emotions for personal growth and therapeutic healing.

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Table of Contents:
An Invitation to Healthcare Professionals
What is Emotional Liberation?
Part 1: Of Wounds and Recovery
1. Triggers and Patterns: Everyday Issues and Polite Insanity
2. Trauma: Source of Pain, Patterns and Transformation
3. Recovery and the Therapy of Self-Awareness
4. Emotions: Antibodies of Your Psychological Immune System
Part 2: Working with Emotions for Recovery and Beyond
5. Regain Contentment: Use Desire to Get What You Need
6. Restore Safety: Use Fear to Find Peace
7. Reclaim Power: Use Anger to Protect and Serve
8. Repair Love: Use Grief to Heal Your Heart
9. Reawaken Hope: Use Depression to Start Anew
10. Recover Innocence: Use Guilt to Clear Inner Conflict
11. Salvage Self-Esteem: Use Shame to Care for Yourself
Conclusion: We All Want to Feel Good
References: Notes and Works Cited

Emotional dysfunction is rampant. Over 10% US population lives with diagnosed anxiety, global depression is considered a global epidemic, and too many of us live with everyday suffering having become the norm. There is an urgent need for a practical approach to truly resolving the underlying issues that bring us down. Begin now to use your ability to handle whatever life brings and to thrive.