Self Study Class 103 Desire – Cravings to Contentment



Don’t go ‘round hungry. Spend a month getting really clear about what drives you, what you really want and how to create a habit of satisfaction.

This Self Study module guides you through chapter 5 of the Senses of the Soul book.

You are about to discover the benefits and uses of your emotions. These videos are designed for self study and life enhancing inner work. Each class includes four videos. They contain a combination of information and direct engagement for you to change and grow. Enjoy these videos in your own way and at your own pace. The concepts are important but it’s all about practice. Follow the guided meditations.
Enhance your experience with the book, Senses of the Soul which is synchronized with the video classes. After each class complete the corresponding study sheet to confirm your understanding. If you do the work, it will bring changes.


Class 3-1 The Fire That Drives Us
Class 3-2 Learn to Feed Your Needs
Class 3-3 Insatiable to Fulfilled
Class 3-4 What the Soul Needs to guide you ultimately to the experience of contentment and eventually to Desirelessness, skillfully knowing and taking care of your progressive subtle needs