Emotional Liberation Course – Realize the Positive Power of Your Feelings

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Emotional Liberation Online

The Positive Power of Your Feelings

Have you been struggling with your feelings? Do you want to raise the quality of your mental and emotional wellbeing?

No matter what you’ve been through, or how long this has been going on, you have the power to heal yourself using your emotions as guidance.

When you learn how to mindfully work with your emotions, you regain your power and discover how to heal yourself.

This course will give you the tools you need to feel better. It includes new topics from the book each week and live classes with GuruMeher. You’ll have access to recordings of each class. See full details and class topics below.

To sign up for the course:

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If you don’t have the book yet, pick “Course and Book” as you will need the book for the course. If you already have a copy, you can pick just the course and will not receive a copy of the book.

There is another accompanying course for Emotional Liberation called Beyond Triggers and Trauma. There is also the option to sign up for both courses at once to save $50 and take them sequentially.

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Emotional Self-Healing

When you feel bad, do you know exactly what you need to do to feel better? Or could you use some help in figuring that out? Emotions are an amazing internal guidance system. Skillfully working with them as a source of wisdom will give you the power to heal yourself. From foes to friends, this course will forever change your relationship to difficult feelings.

The course includes:

  • The Emotional Liberation book is included and is the textbook for the course. It will serve your healing and personal growth long after the course.
  • Weekly assigned readings. The author will guide you through the ideas and essential experiences of Emotional Liberation.
  • Downloadable resources including worksheets and other supporting materials.
  • Weekly live group coaching sessions under GuruMeher’s expert guidance so you will learn from others, ask questions and receive help, making real improvements to both your inner and outer quality of life.
  • Daily personal practices recommended to develop awareness and resilience.


Praise for GuruMeher Khalsa’s Emotional Liberation

Better than twenty years of therapy!
– Lisa Davidowitz, Marketing Consultant

This work with grief has got me feeling joy I’m excited about life again.
– Lisa Botts, Entrepreneur

I was so surprised at the changes that came from the power of validating my feelings. I now have the tools to heal myself for a lifetime of emotional well-being.
– Bruce Jackson, Trauma Survivor

I’ve learned from this work that emotions are messages that are meant to help us get to a state of peace. I can now use every painful emotion constructively. When I recognize and allow them, go into my heart and listen, something transformative happens. It never fails.
– Clifford Bochner, MD

Class 1 – Emotions: Antibodies of Your Psychological Immune System
Your emotions arise to tell you something: listening mindfully is the way to receive their help.

Class 2 – Regain Contentment: Use Desire to Get What You Want
When you have the ability to feed your needs, you will know the difference between desperate neediness and well-adjusted confidence.

Class 3 – Restore Safety; Use Fear to Find Peace
You may not be personally facing war or famine, but first-world, middle-class fears are just as real and debilitating.

Class 4 – Reclaim Power: Use Anger to Take Care of Yourself
You will reclaim empowering uses of anger to take control of inner and outer challenges.

Class 5 – Repair Love: Use Grief to Heal Your Heart
Your grief and its forms of sadness, sorrow, loneliness and regret, is the deep introspective emotion that painfully points out what you value.

Class 6 – Reawaken Hope: Use Depression to Start Anew
When you feel powerless, helpless and hopeless – that is exactly when depression achieves its valuable work and helps you give up dysfunction and work smarter.

Class 7 – Recover Innocence: Use Guilt to Clear Inner Conflict
You are guided toward choices that are best for you by an internal guidance system which can point truthfully to guilt.

Class 8 – Salvage Self-Esteem: Use Shame to Care for Yourself
You may hurt yourself with shame or learn how it polishes compassion and love yourself.

I’m new to this work. Where should I start?
This course is the perfect place to start. If you don’t already have a copy of Emotional Liberation, you’ll get one when you sign up.

What’s the difference between the two courses that accompany Emotional Liberation?
This course is like emotions 101 and will teach you how to process your emotions. Beyond Triggers and Trauma is focused on healing old wounds and breaking free from undesirable emotional reactions.

Should I take both courses?
You certainly can, as they cover different content and will contribute to your mental and emotional wellbeing in different ways. If you sign up for both courses at once, you’ll get $50 off.

How do I pick course dates?
After you sign up, you’ll be asked to select the times and dates you prefer by email.

What if I want additional support?
GuruMeher also offers a 10-month Emotional Liberation journey as well as private coaching. You can check out the 10-month course or schedule a free conversation with him to see which option is best for you.

GuruMeher holds a big vision for global peace through individual emotional health, which he believes is accessible to everyone.

His name means “teacher of compassion.” His love of science and the desire to know how things work led him to study astrophysics at Cornell University. Depression and feelings of inadequacy shifted his interest to the Inner Universe – how we humans work and how that understanding can give people tools for happiness. Eastern philosophies and yoga for self-actualization, through a rigorously disciplined personal practice, became his crucible for self-healing.

Attracted by the idea of global change through personal transformation, teaching yoga and meditation became the way he could share what he found with others. He has trained thousands of yoga teachers internationally.

Through twenty years of counseling individuals and couples as a Professional Life Coach and Certified Yoga Therapist, he found that his clients could find answers to their problems with simple guidance and mindfulness techniques from yoga. Astounded by the predictable consistency of human emotional response to problems and trauma, GuruMeher theorized that each difficult emotion is a natural ally, awakened for a specific function to handle our challenges. His clinical work showed that to be true and resulted in the Senses of the Soul method, which has been called “the next evolution in therapy”. It is based on the premise that emotions are not problems to be treated, but are analogous to our immune system’s response to an infection; they are part of a remedy to heal difficult experiences. This mindful use of emotions has proven to be an effective path to self-healing, inner guidance and personal power.

Happily married for 35 years, GuruMeher and his wife, Siri Atma, live in Los Angeles, CA where they raised two emotionally strong children. They plan a return to their southern roots by building a home in the mountains near Asheville, NC.

You can find more information about GuruMeher’s books, online courses, workshops, teaching and counseling at sensesofthesoul.com.