A Sensitive Subject

Have you noticed that people getting more “touchy”, quicker to be upset. Or that you get overwhelmed with feelings, that the intensity of others’ disturbs you? From political movements to intimate relationships there is a lot of hyper-sensitivity that increases pressure and stress.

A lot of you tell me you feel too sensitive and that it is painful.  The trend will continue; this is an adaptation to the speed of life and amount of information coming at us. It’s a faster way of understanding complexity. So, I want you to experience that sensitivity, that empathy, that awareness as the GIFT that it is. You can enjoy it when you learn to use it. And, it is important that you do!

Why? To feel what is really going on is a form of awareness, and pain comes only from ignorance (per the Buddha). The world is full of tough harsh, insensitive, numb, uncaring abuse. If we could truly love the other person as yourself (Jesus), or better yet, Recognize that the other person IS you (Yogi Bhajan), we’d all be getting along better. Empathy is the human capacity access that level of wise compassion.

So for the sake of world peace we need “sensitives” to not hide from the pain that is really out there. No. Be willing to FEEL, learn to DEAL well with it, and that will HEAL you and others. Get skilled with this gift.


1) Paradigm shift: Just the view that Sensitivity is a form of power, a feminine type of strength, begins the claiming of that power. Knowing that emotions are a source of strength and intuition has you begin to relate to them and approach them constructively.

2) Gain control of the floodgates of feeling.

– You also need to experience emotions as safe; that it is okay to feel. This you can do with guidance and practice.

– You have to know what feelings are yours, and which are coming at you from others; to first distinguish your feelings from theirs.

– Then you can begin to gain control of what you “let in”  from and “send out” to others.You have some control over what you chose to feel.

The learning curve is:

1) First you are subjected to whatever comes at you.

2) Then, you can hold out negative influences and energies at your choice.

3) Next, you can choose and maintain your own states of strength and positive feelings.

4) Finally, you can project your “good vibrations”, be it love or kindness, peace or happiness, to benefit others that are able to accept them.

NOW, you are the healers, bridge menders, nurturers that this wounded world needs.You sensitive people are the vanguard of an awakening, a balancing of the currently prevailing masculine with the receptive feminine forms of power. So don’t suffer and hide, take pride in your feelings. Don’t cower, own the power. It does take some retraining, and I hope this encouragement starts you on that process.

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