Become Un-Numb: Safely Recover Your Sensitivity

Difficult situations bring on uncomfortable emotions. Their purpose is to grab your attention, provoke you to take care of yourself,  and remedy the problem so you may return to feeling good.

When we don’t work with emotions to a resolution, they persist in a dedicated effort to help. This makes them seem like evil enemies, weaknesses, and a painful problem in themselves.

Not knowing their benefits, we try to avoid these emotional messages, to ignore, deny, resist, react, distract, disassociate, go numb, medicate… We invent countless creative ways to NOT FEEL and NOT DEAL with what we feel. When life brings loads of pain, this is a very natural response, but…

It never works.  Feelings are as constant as breath and thoughts; they flow with consciousness; they are a vital form of awareness. Heavy emotions will persist as long as there is a problem to solve. Ignoring them takes a heavy toll. The double whammy is that when you go numb, you feel less pleasure and joy as well. The temporary mirage of emotional avoidance is achieved, but at a great cost. Life goes grey, loses its juice.

So what to do? Safety first! When you feel safe in your experience with emotions you will be willing to feel them. And then they can start to work for you again, to guide you to well-being as designed.  How to have a new, positive experience with heavy emotions that have been avoided? Use The 4 Pillars of Growth and Change:

1) Information. You have to trust new ideas enough to test them. Take this article for example, or anything you find credible. But it doesn’t work to just believe something, you have to discover for yourself with…

2) Practice. Your own practical experience is essential. It is quite easy safely feel, I help people do it all the time. The YouTube video series Happy Solutions to Problem Emotions offers six 12-minute experiences you can try anytime. No one can learn for you; but you can help and heal yourself. The essence of the SOS Method is to create an inner environment of strength and clarity to then encounter the intensity of feelings consciously. Learning is faster and surer with…

3) Support. Get some feedback, understanding, encouragement. You are not weird, bad, crazy, stupid, nor alone. Sharing experiences with others with similar interests and experiences is vital to us social animals when we are on new ground!

4) Inspiration. Your own experiences will amaze you. Getting relief will motivate you to learn more. Then repeat the sequence with more info!

Once you know you can handle the voltage emotions bring, you can use it to find your way. Navigating present situations, upcoming challenges, and healing past traumas is the purpose or your emotional equipment. Using it well, you will be grateful to fully feel whatever life brings your way, and will have full access to all the joys as well. You can feel the richness of life, no matter what it brings.

If you would like to develop your emotional skills for personal growth and to help others, look for the upcoming launch of the Senses of the Soul Training. It is abundant with Information, Practice, support and Inspiration to take you emotional self-mastery.

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