Burned Out? Sadness & Depression Want to Help

Burned Out? Sadness & Depression Want to Help

Problem: Feeling Sadness, Depression, or Burn Out.
SOS Solution: Let these emotions help you to let go and renew.

Many of us are living at wit’s end, and just can’t stop. We live in a very ambitious caffeine-driven stimulus-intense time. Many feel guilty, lazy or unworthy when they are not busy and productive. We all want to be happy and full of energy, but life requires a balance of up time and downtime.

Depression and Sadness (Grief) come to bring some much-needed letting go. To let them help you, first you must know the difference.

The high-energy emotions, Fear, Anger and Desire dominate our cultural presentation with (masculine) power and push. When we live out of balance, our system overrides that drive with low-energy emotions like Sadness (Grief) and Depression.

These two feel similar at first and are commonly mistaken. Both take away energy, to help you look inside yourself for answers rather than outside. To allow their help, first accept rather than resist them and the low energy they bring. Trusting heavy emotions takes time, but give it a try. Next, you must know the difference in the two.

Depression arises when something is not working and demands that you not care, not even feel for a while so you can surrender and gather rest and renewal. When you do, hope and the will to go on based on your true motivations naturally return. The ultimate gift of Depression is to let Life take care of everything, the spiritual status of Surrender (as distinct from giving up).

Sadness arises from loss and change and demands that you go deep into your heart. Penetrate the pain to find the deepest longing of your heart as a basis of your motivation. It’s gifts are to reveal love and reverence, what’s truly important to fill your heart.

Both will come when you are off your path. Both take away your outer ambition and drive you inward to find what’s essential and important. Both ask you to let go of something smaller in order to find something greater. Both require you to be real, see your truth and let go of anything that prevents you from living true to what really matters to you.

You can easily check which of these is needed. In your low-energy state, relax and focus. Try truly not caring, giving up, not as a weakness but as a choice, as a path to freedom. Freefalling brings fear until you find that you can fly. You’ll be able to tell if this work with Depression is what is needed.

Or, go deep into the pain in your heart. You can handle it. Beneath the hurt you’ll find a sweet longing. Listen in the heart. It will achingly tell you its demands for your fulfillment. Again, you will know if this process of working with Grief is the way you need to go.

Both of these emotions bring messages from your soul, offering to take you beyond your enslaving thoughts to find your truth. There you will find a place full of Peace, Love and completeness. It’s no struggle to be you. The key is trust in these feelings, in yourself, and in the universe…one step at a time.

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