You have ALL the Answers – If you will just listen

You have ALL the Answers – If you will just listen
I am claiming that you, everyone, can solve their problems, or at very least be at peace by way of the following method:
When anything is bothering you (you feel bad), ask and answer:
What am I feeling?
Why am I feeling this way?
What do I need to feel better?
And then act on this information.
If any step is incomplete, the discomfort persists. I invite anyone to test it out and prove it wrong!
But there is a twist, rather a skill needed to fulfill this simple solution. The skill involves where the answers come from.  Resolution of issues mundane to existential comes from a place deeper and truer than short-term facts. It comes not from the mind, which records and repeats what you have been taught. Yes it can create, compute and invent, amazing talents all, but still is limited by programmed prejudice, by trauma, by strong emotions. What is this truer source of answers?
You must find your own name for it, because it comes to people in different ways. Following the heart, intuition, gut instinct, the still small voice, voice of God, your angels, revelation, the “Aha!” moment, deep listening. It may come visually, in words, in a feeling or simply knowing without words.
However it comes to you, it IS available to all; it is part of your total sensory system which evolved over millions of years to deal with life and take care of yourself.  This wisdom is always available when we get a break, however brief, from the constant chatter of the know-it-all mind.  The skill to get our happiness-producing answers depends on the ability to quiet the mind. Thus we can truly listen and learn what we don’t yet know, rather than repeat what is already known – and may not be our truth.
So before the above questions are asked, one must prepare. The old way was to make a sacrifice or donation to the answer-knowing person. We now that that person is within yourself. So how do you prepare to meet that great source of wisdom? I call it Soul. By fasting, in nature, by drugs? I have found breath, Kriya and meditation to be quick and most effective. Even so, it is a re-training in how to use the mind that takes some time. I hope you will take the time to train your mind to listen to your heart so you can be happy.
If you want to try some simple practices to quiet your mind, try this breath practice for intuition. It is one of 52 exercises in my audiobook.
Take Care,  GuruMeher

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