How Do You Know If You Have a Soul – Emotional Couriers

How Do You Know If You Have a Soul – Emotional Couriers
All of us cool Yoga people say we have a Body, Mind and Spirit. But how do you know? Like radio telescopes pointed into space waiting for a sign of life out there,  how do you pick up messages from your soul? What is the receptor? And what is the language? Words, images? Or would you taste, smell or feel soul? Feel, yes, but not with the fingers.
We perceive the subtle sensations of soul in a great variety of ways. Visions and voices are the most common ways that people try to articulate their experience of spirit. But emotions play a key role. They are like the invisible electro-magnetic waves that travel through space to earth.  Emotions carry subtle but data-rich information between people and in between the Body-Mind-Spirit systems.
Body talks to mind after a good meal and your food-seeking thoughts are satisfied. Mind can talk to body to relax muscle and even manage pain.
But without the feeling of fulfillment we may overeat when belly is in pain and mind is saying “stop”. Sex without love feels empty and eventually lonely. These emotions are full of information the body cannot know on its own. But the emotional courier registers an empty sensation in the chest tingling in the solar plexus when something is missing that doesn’t meet the eye. Emotional Couriers are more easliy received in the body and mind; we pay more attention to those two aspects of ourselves.
The most important role Emotional Couriers play is from Soul to Body/Mind and back. Like radio waves from the invisible to the tangible, from space to earth, they help us navigate the crowded and confusing street from a vast mountaintop view. If we learn to listen to our emotional messengers, they gnaw at our stomach when we’re about to be cheated, they make our mind race when danger is coming yet there is no evidence, they make our face hot when we are being rejected or ridiculed. They also “fill our hearts” when beauty inspires, when acts of courage give hope. They are the unique language by which we undoubtedly know the indescribable “feeling” of infinity.
So, it is not coincidence that both Soul and Emotion are currently the least understood realms of human life. Both are invisible, subtle, mysterious, misunderstood, disbelieved and even rejected and reviled.
Just so, emotions are a point of entry into awareness and familiarity, eventual acceptance as reality of the Spirit. Being more obvious and tangible, more scientifically explainable makes Emotions more approachable. And the growing talk and study of Emotions in society will result in more awareness and facility using and interpreting them. When the lines of communication are open, when we trust these Emotional Couriers to help us understand our physical reality, the bigger-picture wisdom from soul will get through more often.
Want to be “spiritual”? Want to hear from Soul (or debunk the notion)? Want to open up to the Infinite? Get your telescopic receivers to work. Feeling and dealing with the difficult emotions, getting to know what they know, what they are saying you need. This is a point of entry and connection, You may be digging through unresolved, very earthy issues for some time but there is much more out there. Dust off your mothballed Emotions and start getting those messages. Emotional Couriers will help you to know your Soul – by direct experience!

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