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GuruMeher here with a favor to ask…

I live to explore what we need to be happy, and to discover how to help people get there.  My search led to “Senses of the Soul”, book and workshops.

I spent a lifetime feeling pain to motivate it, 30 years meditating and teaching to become aware of it, 12 years working with clients to discover it, 4 years teaching it to groups to formulate it, and a year writing the book to refine it.

People tell me there’s nothing like this work out there.

The pinnacle of all of this is a complete course I’m just finishing in which I can take people through a full training in Senses of the Soul.  I can’t wait to get started.

You can help me make this the best and most beneficial program possible. To make sure I have thought of everything, I have two questions for you:

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