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Trust Truth! Who’s Truth?

Trust Truth! Who’s Truth?

If you want to live with confidence and clarity to move through life’s many choices, you need an unwavering source of guidance. Lucky for you it is built in. The feelings of Guilt are meant to guide you. Where? To your truth, the decider of your actions. But how to sort through all the noise of thoughts and opinions inside and out, that chaos called duality that causes conflict?

The simple answer is, quiet the mind and listen to your heart. When you feel that downward pressure like the ground falling away from beneath you, taking your legs and stomach with it, Guilt is demanding that you tune in, find your truth and follow it. Listening from neutrality, as any good judge must do, is the way.

How to find Neutral Mind? Meditation is the best way. Vigorous exercise, being deeply relaxed, even exhausted surrender are some of the many means. Getting to that peace from the push and pull takes time, especially when feelings run high. Learn to do this in peacetime so you can find it in emergency.

In addition to indispensible neutrality, it’s helpful to know that there are 3 types of truth vying for your attention. Knowing the difference, you can more easily choose which one to follow.

The 3 Types of Truth

1- Personal truth: instinctive, individual, self-serving, survival, needs driven, neurotic, no room for any other truth. Name some of yours.

2- Circumstantial truth: others in your group agree with you- giving it more clout, imposed by some on others, basis of wars, changes with time, confronts and stimulates change. What do your people all agree upon that the “others” are so misguided about?

3- Universal Truth, stands test of time, not always recognized and valued by all, attacked when threatens lesser truths, reveals and coincides with the way of the universe. Can you name some of these you resonate with?

By personal experience with all of these truths, by discovering how you like the effects of following each one, you slowly get sick of bad consequences and find fondness for Universal Truths. We all live and learn in Universe University. Whether by a burning bush, a personal tragedy, a peak experience, the voice of a teacher or your own still moment, we all get glimpses of Universal Truth.

Upon knowing Truth, the next life-defining choice is whether or not to follow it! At first you don’t trust “It”. But give it a try. You learn that aligning with it, living to it, always brings the best overall long-term outcome. When Universal Truth becomes Your truth, the basis of your choices and actions, you are free; you are beyond blame and claims. Beyond duality, you feel strong and clear: it’s easy to know what is right. Your inner compass is working. Life may not always be easy, but it becomes simple and straight; you know what is right because you are the judge!

To review:

  • When you feel confused, conflicted about what to do, guilty or caught in the act, don’t react.
  • Find your Neutral mind.
  • Ask your self/ heart/ body/ soul, “What is the Truth, the Way to be light?” Listen by feeling, not thinking. Truth will be revealed. If not, back to #2.
  • Obey that Truth. In time you will trust It and trust yourself to follow it.

Such is the identification with Truth, it makes you pure. When you agree to agree to it, your mind becomes sure. – Guru Nanak