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gurumeher-sense-soulAbout Emotional Liberation

If you are considering taking GuruMeher’s nine month Emotional Liberation course, then listen up! This is what past students had to say about the experience:

Tormented by low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and sadness, I would have searched until the last breath on my deathbed for a solution to healing from these heavy emotions. I’m in deep gratitude it was not the case, as I was introduced to GuruMeher’s remarkable body of work that focuses on emotional liberation. Not only is he among the few thought leaders identifying emotions’ role in healing from trauma, importantly, he knows how to do it and shares his work in a brilliant step-by-step process, which he befittingly calls Senses of the Soul. Thanks to his system of self-healing, I am living a life of clarity, centeredness and serenity. I highly recommend his course; when combined with your own determination and discipline, you too can experience this mind-blowing shift. – Becca Williams

For me, emotions were weaknesses. When fear and worry took over, I repressed my emotions. Then, after the first few days days of the course, I felt something opening in my heart. It was as if love was flowing.
– Akaljot

If we can get conscious control over our emotions, they will help and heal us and strengthen us to face life’s challenges. To get there we have to learn and practice.
– Connie

Emotions are your guides, friends and healers. They tell you what you really need, what your personal truth is. They don’t leave because YOU are not listening. They are your friends and unless you work with them they will come back.
– Sunder

I started off feeling uncomfortable and a bit anxious but it dissolved over time. An emotion hit me so hard  but I didn’t supress it or overreact. I came up with a solution, not from my mind, but from my heart.
– David

I didn’t always know what emotion was arising. I have developed an awareness and am getting better at identifying the emotion. I listen deeply to them and they give me the right energy to take appropriate action.
– Peter