You Have All The Answers: An SOS Success Story


I recently received an email that blew me out of the water.  It reminded me of why I created SOS .
We all have the ability to use our heavy emotions for strength and healing, but most people don’t know it yet.  My mission for SOS is that whenever we feel bad, we can know 1. What we are feeling, 2. Why we are feeling it, and 3. What to do about it to feel better.  I want to contribute to people’s emotional wellness as well as to the health and well-being to the world.
I have a very specific vision for world peace – that we all take control of our own happiness. That requires thoughts and emotions – our inner life – to serve us.  When we create the circumstances where our emotions serve us, rather than sabotage us, we eliminate suffering.  How can you truly suffer if every bit of pain actually serves to bring you to your highest happiness? That’s what SOS is all about.
So it is encouraging and makes me happy to hear that people are gaining these skills through the SOS method.  I received the incredible message below in response to last week’s video.
Hi GuruMeher,
I did last weeks Google+ Hangout video for the 
third time. I am using it whenever I feel a 
strong emotion or a difficult emotion 
to bring me insight, clarity, and peace.
Following the steps of the video I learned that
some depression I felt was in response to my
perceptions of someone close to me trying to
control my behavior. I further learned that the depression
was showing me that I needed to find my voice
and speak up, most importantly be true to my self and my
needs. I did not feel much of this depression following
the realization.
Tonight I am feeling a lot of anxiety. I learned 
that the anxiety was telling me that I did not have to be a certain
way or even a certain person for my mother. I just need to be myself.
I also don’t need to have an immaculate home or prepare
extravagant meals. I am tired and I want to just be, to just be me.
I still am experiencing some anxiety, so I am going to
now try and go deeper through additional meditation
to see if there is anything further I need to learn before
I can feel more peaceful. 
I love the simplicity with which we can know how to find peace.. Do you see how this SOS practitioner 1. Stopped to feel, 2. Discovered why she was feeling that way and 3. Discovered what to do about it?  The 4th step in the healing process is to take action on that inner guidance and I’ll be talking about that in this week’s Google+ Hangout.  This Friday’s hangout is the fifth in a series that together are a total introduction to the SOS method.
I hope that this message inspires and encourages you as it did me. In just 12 minutes, with this simple SOS practice, our friend was able to deal with deep feelings of depression and anxiety, some of which stemmed back all the way to her childhood relationship to her mother.  It’s pretty wonderful how healing can happen so fast and be so profound. Imagine the impact that will have on the planet when enough of us know how to move quickly from upset to peaceful.

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