Physical Fitness.  Everyone knows what that is and how important it is to achieve it.  Some take steps to get in shape; others decide that it’s not worth the effort.  But all people recognize the importance of keeping the physical body healthy.

This is because in the 1960’s, President Kennedy implemented programs in school for physical education.  It’s so practiced and understood at the national level and beyond because there was a federal mandate to get people aware about the health of their bodies.

But what about Emotional Wellness?  We know some things about Emotions.  We know that exercise can reduce stress – for instance.  But for the most part, we are still in an infancy of awareness when it comes to Emotional Wellness.

Mostly, there’s a lot unspoken pain in people’s lives.  Additionally, there isn’t adequate treatment.

We take care of anxiety and depression with pharmaceutical drugs.  We take care of drug abuse with cold, institutional rehab centers that have high relapse rates.  We take care of relationship problems with court ordered separations and divorces.

None of these are healthy treatments and they don’t come close to addressing prevention.   Emotional literacy is the next big thing we need.

We need to see that Emotions are our friends.  And while we many need to heal them, we don’t need to treat them.  We need to utilize them for understanding and empowerment.  We need to have healthy relationships with our Emotions, so they can guide and support us.  If we start relating to emotions in this way,we will all be a lot happier! I really believe this crucial skill can make the world a better place!

To achieve this goal, we can follow the curve of Physical Education, and implement similar strategies in promoting Emotional Education.

  1. See that there is a need for emotional education and research methods for children and adults.
  2. Encourage commitment and investment of time.   Just like you don’t start running a marathon after one day at the gym, emotional dexterity takes time and effort.
  3. Create clear exercises for Emotional Literacy and develop systems that accelerate growth in this area

I hope that one day, these programs are achieved in school, so that kids grow up knowing how to handle emotions for their betterment and success.  In the meantime, this is why I developed Senses of the Soul.

Senses of the Soul (SOS) is a system of self-therapy that uses Emotions for Strength, Healing and Guidance.  It’s a transformative technique that really changes the way you live your life! If you really want to improve your life, there is no better way to start.

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