Fall Blues or Blessing


Seasonal changes. Have they hit you this week? Or does your mood begin to swing with the first cold snap, shorter days, and back-to-school memories? As the vibrant, high energy of summer fades, the quiet, subdued tone of fall can come with some melancholy.

You may have had a fun summer, enjoyed adventure and expansion. You may prefer your freer lifestyle activities to the busy focus of the fall. You miss those good times and want them to continue, and that can bring a tinge of sadness.

Time moves on, and this “bummer” experience is actually natural and meant to help you grow.  The bittersweet feelings of the transition into fall help us to do something wonderful.  They help us to recognize our values!

Maybe you valued the time you had to engage in self-care activities like sleeping in or going to the beach. Perhaps it’s that element of adventure that’s really meaningful.  It could be the time you got to spend with friends and family.  Heck, maybe you just like the quality of summer sunlight more!

Whatever it is that you really loved about the summer time, let that love be a permanent imprint on your heart.  Then let that heart-based value system flow into the fall.

When you identify and relate to the underlying qualities in experiences-their inner essences-those essences are abundantly available within other experiences too!

A great practice would be to spend some time going over your favorite summer memories, dwelling and enjoying each one.  Then, take that joyous energy and apply it to the fall. How can you enjoy the soft, cozy mood of fall, even though it was such a contrast to your energetic, extroverted summer?

What I love about this process is that it’s the same for any change.  Whether that be the change from one job to another, from living in one city and then moving or even the change of going from single to in a relationship, or back to single!.  It’s the process of enjoying life on both ends!

Nothing lasts forever except for the soul. Even the most delicious meal only tastes good when we’re hungry. The only way to get enough is to relate to life from the soul perspective.  Then every experience is a treat!

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