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How do you know you have a Soul? We’re done with the days when someone tells you and you just believe it, or don’t believe. That’s just not satisfying anymore. This is the age of knowledge which comes by your own direct experience. But you can’t see Soul, and “seeing is believing,” right? Well, you can’t see love either; how do you know it exists? You can feel it! Feelings are a subtler sense, part of your sixth sense. When used consciously, our Emotions are the Senses of the Soul.

You use your five physical senses to go get what you need and avoid harm.  Emotional feelings are also sensors. They bring subtler information, the “flavor” of a situation. I may see you smiling at me, but how do you really “feel” about me?  Something tells me that you are actually very upset with me. That information is more important to our relationship than what my eyes tell me. But most of us don’t have trust and skill in using our emotions intuitively. We often ignore and override this vital source of guidance. Or, we become slave to our feelings without mindful interpretation of their messages.

You can use all your emotions – the pleasant and the painful ones — to feel your depths and heights. When you want to listen to your soul – always a good thing to do – feelings help you understand it. They are part of the intimate, intuitive language of the soul. Sadness, despair and fear can put you in touch with your heart and soul just as much as joy and bliss.

The benefit that all emotions share is that they can get you focused on your body and your immediate “felt experience” rather than only listening to the mind. When focusing well on emotions, one is in the present – where you need to be to deal with life- rather than in the world of past and future that your mind escapes to.  Feelings get us listening and learning not from mind, which can only remember, imagine and believe. They take us into direct experience of the here and now which is where intuition lives.
Of course we prefer to feel good and don’t like those “bad” feelings, but they all lead to Soul. A Sikh master wrote, “pain is the remedy.” How so? Pain humbles us, opens our hearts and motivates change. It brings the surrender necessary to help you find new solutions. Pain makes you pay attention! When you listen to your emotions in a mindful and meditative way, when you approach them consciously — not as a slave nor as a controlling suppressor but as a partner – you are indeed listening to the wisdom of your Soul. Soul knows exactly what’s interrupting your flow of happiness and what you need to do to restore it.

What does Soul feel like? It varies from person to person and time to time, but it always includes clarity and vastness. That opening comes sometimes from highs, sometimes from lows. Emotions can be just as chaotic and confusing as thoughts, so most of us need some training to be their partner instead of their slave. Learn to consciously work with your feelings to FEEL YOUR SOUL.  This is the mission of Senses of the Soul. It’s simple to learn, and I am happy to send you “The SOS Method” and a short video series to learn it. Just email me at gurumeher@SensesOfTheSoul.com.

If you are ready to truly master your emotions…

Each year, I work with a small group of people to thoroughly train them in the use of emotions for healing, personal growth, spiritual transformation and self-mastery. That full training, Emotional Liberation, is starting now! This is advanced self-therapy. A proven structure to work through issues, heal traumas and make long-awaited changes. Self study, personal coaching and group support in weekly calls create a safe place to gain a lifetime skillset for emotional wellbeing. You are warmly invited to find out more about this method, the book and the upcoming course, Emotional Liberation, at www.SensesoftheSoul.com.

“I entered this course with high expectations. I was surprised when the first thing I learned was that I don’t really work with my feelings. I do a lot of self-help courses and do all the work from my head in a way that actually make me feel worse about myself because I’m not what I’m supposed to be. But this work let me feel whatever I was feeling, and from that I could heal. It is a lifetime of work that I now have the tools to do.

It’s been amazing all the things that I’ve learned in nine months. I’ve learned to surrender to what I’m actually feeling and what is happening to me without beating myself up. I have so much more self-love and ability to take care of myself than I had before. I want to thank everyone in the class for supporting my process through this year of listening, sharing and support. It was a very important part of the process for me, to know that I’m not crazy and other people are dealing with the same things.” – Kerri

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