How to Solve Your Problems

 How have you been feeling lately? What are you feeling right now?
Anxious about a job?  Sad or Depressed about a fight you had with a loved one recently?  Frustrated by a problem you can’t seem to solve?
The flow of emotions is constant, up and down, mild and intense. But know this: The painful is ALWAYS your guide to the pleasant.
Just yesterday I heard, “Emotions wreak havoc on my energy.  Fear make me run around crazy.  Next I’m hot and angry, picking fights with everyone. Then really low, feeling hopeless about it all. It’s a roller coaster to hell with no clear way out.”  Yes, Emotions bring you very specific qualities of energy; and that is a key to putting them to work solving your problems.
As I mentioned in the last newsletter, emotions have primitive energy that, without awareness, can take over and run you ragged. The testimonial above from a client of mine is common.  And have you ever noticed that when the problem you are facing gets bigger, your emotions around it get more intense? It can be a draining and confusing experience.  But I’m here to tell you that you need not disintegrate into an emotional mess!
If you want to solve your problems – big, small, or larger than life – you have to know this one thing:
Emotions bring you the right energy of the job.
Need to look for a new job?  You bet your anxiety is going to get larger as the problem persists.  Youneed that amount of intensity to motivate and support your search!  Need to take some time for self-care after an intense confrontation with a loved one?  Your sadness creates a quiet, inward-looking space conducive to reflection and healing before moving forward.
You can solve everything in your world – literally everything – when you feel your feelings and understand them as a source of information and energy you require to change the circumstances that created those feelings.
Fear gives you the energy to wake up to danger.  Sadness slows you down so you can let go.  Anger brings the intensity to act with integrity and intention.  To heal and resolve you troubles, these are the best and most immediate tools you have. So begin to work with the type and amount of energy in your emotions. they will always be just what you need, when you can read and utilize them.


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