Principles of Happiness

Hi folks,

How’s your happiness going? I want to share some thoughts and tools on the subject. I spend my life helping others to find more of it through the tools that I have acquired: Kundalini yoga, life coaching and working with the emotions. And ultimately those came to me for selfish reasons; they are the product of my own search for happiness. So when I was thinking of the story of the many people I have helped from which to draw some examples and conclusions, I realize that there’s no one I know more about in their search for happiness than myself. And I am very, very happy.

In the review of my process I realize that it has been a project and continues to be a process. So I want to share a list of principles and practices, all of which are important and any of which will help. As you look through them you will be naturally drawn to some as most needed and effective for you right now. Please do read the final few points in summation.


  • Believe that it is possible, no matter the circumstances nor the past.
  • Commit to the pursuit of it. Be steady, it takes work.
  • Be patient, it takes time.
  • Have courage, to face and deal with obstacles.
  • Be flexible, happiness may not be what you think.
  • Be smart, figure out what you need, what makes you happy.
  • Make good choices. Every day you make hundreds of micro choices that lead you closer or further to your happiness.
  • Be adaptable, the sources and nature of your happiness changes with time.
  • Acceptance, work with what you have right now to create happiness.
  • Let go, end attachments in situations that bring you down.
  • Take care of yourself, health and energy help a lot.
  • Start where you are, there’s nothing so wrong or bad that you can’t make incremental improvements.
  • It’s not an all or nothing game, it’s about making steady gains.
  • Don’t compare and compete in the happiness game. Be inspired by what you see but don’t be fooled into thinking that anyone has a better chance at happiness than you.
  • Hardships are obstacles but not obstructions, they can serve to motivate and help you find happiness.
  • Happiness is served by temporary enjoyments but it is much deeper and more substantial, more like a healthy diet then a single dessert. It includes body mind and emotions, but is impossible without a deep spiritual component. Giving it is an essential part of getting it.
  • It is your birthright. Only you can do it. But get help and support. Humans need connection.
  • Get started, keep going. It’s a continual process that can increase in up times and down.


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