Resilience and Energy Management, Part 2: Learning to Let Go

Last week we looked at the inflow and outflow of energy in our lives, which the yogis call Prana and Apana. (Click here to read it.) Since our mental, emotional and physical health depend on managing our energy to have the right amount needed, I suggested reviewing your use of this most essential resource. Again, take some time to clear away situations that are unnecessarily draining you.

Another way to prevent fatigue and despair and restore vitality is to work better with the out-flowing Apana. We naturally prefer the influx of energy. We mostly want more! Time, energy, enthusiasm, activity and achievement. Our busyness is very exciting. But try holding your breath for over a minute and see how much you come to value letting go of that breath. So instead of just thinking of Apana as elimination or losing something, think of it as a letting go, resting, relaxing, not having to do anything; just being. You can’t have more of anything if there is no space for it to fit into. Everything you want needs room.

Just as much is we get attached to gaining not losing, we fear the dark, the void, emptiness, nothingness, the unknown, death. Yet, we know how wonderful it is to exhale and to fall asleep. Both make way for a revival, for the inrushing of new life. Evaluate for yourself how common valued, and practiced these space creating practices are, in proportion to all of your “go, gain and get” activities.


All the sleep you want

Frequent vacations


No plans

Quiet time

A still mind

Letting others win/ be right

Only one thing on your to do list and it is your favorite thing in the world

Closets, drawers and garages with lots of empty space

A humble ego



World peace

All of these things are examples of the beauty of emptiness and nothingness. So don’t be afraid of your own outflow; it keeps the Universe in balance and you happy. Increase your Apana activities: rest up rather than pushing when you want more energy and want to feel more optimistic. Create some space and allow nature to fill you up.

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