Zombies at the Gate – Stop Attacks Before They Eat You Up

Select What Affects You

Your heart is a sacred thing enshrined in your miraculous body. Dignity and Divinity are built into every cell of your being and realm of your psyche. But so often we feel small, defective, dirty, mean or lonely.

You are a precious treasure. But like fine china your value can be unnoticed, undervalued, mistreated, even shattered. Valuables, gold and gems are safeguarded, insured and protected. And so must each of us see the immense value and the great sensitivity of the self and defend our sensibilities from all careless or calculated attacks.

You have the power and choice to accept or reject incoming communications BEFORE you let them hit your heart. Some people have a “tough skin” and are less affected by negativity, but most of us will enjoy life more when we increase this ability to discern. And BTW, some of these attacks come from within your own mind!

Said more simply: Hurtful stuff comes at you every day. Learn to protect, and select what affects you!

Here’s a way to develop this habit. Each step may take training and practice.

1- When an attack is coming, or has come at you from your own mind or from someone/ something outside yourself;

2- Decide not to hear it, accept it, believe it, nor let it inside you yet. Don’t take it on.

3- Get yourself as strong and clear as possible. Learn to do this!

4- When YOU are ready, allow the thought/ words/ situation to come right up to you but not in, like a stranger at the door you are going to question before they qualify to enter with your permission.

5- Clearly, meditatively, from a place of as much neutrality as you can embody, decide that you are ready to examine the information. This shifts the power from the attacker to you. You CHOOSE to hear it now.

6- From neutrality you can assess the input (still from outside the door of your being!).

7- Ask, “What part of this is not about me but all about them and where they are in pain and confusion. You can learn to easily see what is not true for you. Just let this go. Release and discard it, drop it. Say out loud, like Gandolf, “You shall not pass!” The words may not enter nor stick with you. It may be 100% not about you, but then Ask:

8- “Is there any part of this message that I deem to have some truth, some valid information with which I can correct  or improve myself, learn and grow from?”

9- If and when YOU see that there is something of use in this communication, some Truth, then as an empowered and empowering act, you let it in the door of your heart. Consider it deeply and let it contribute to your consciousness. Use it, with gratitude to make your life even better.

10- And use this same practice with your own thoughts when they attack from within! Try it!

This Truth portion of any incoming attack may be anywhere from 0% to 100% of the original message. And only you know. You are the judge of Truth, and you are the protector of your honor. But it does take that elevated neutral view to see clearly. That is the thing most of us need to practice and strengthen.  Meditate to get there!
In time this becomes nearly automatic. You are safe and free, the decider about what you take in and how you use the mostly random and impersonal stuff that may get thrown in your direction each day.  And, you are open to input, flexible and constantly learning.

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