Sensitivity is a Strength

Last weeks’ article “Make a Space to be Fragile” generated many responses which I was very happy to receive. A lot of gratitude was expressed for the permission or validation and support, and I would say almost a hunger for the time and place in our lives to be soft. Most came from women, but I was especially happy to hear from some men. One of which, I have his permission to share with you below.
We are seeing the trend that the human population is becoming more sensitive. It’s an evolutionary increase in our level of awareness with the result that people are both more easily hurt and more intensely reactive to each other. We feel more, we know more, and it can be very overwhelming. It is in part an adaptive response to the intensity of information and change.
This sensitivity is not a weakness. More like a gift, a skill that we must learn to master. The first up is to recognize the ability to sense more deeply and clearly stimulation from inside and outside of yourself, and to see this happening with other people as well. Then to accept and begin to manage the information to your advantage rather than resist, judge it or let it crush you.
You will need rest and physical strength, strong nervous and glandular system just to handle the voltage. For this I recommend Kundalini yoga and the entire yogic lifestyle. And create the time and space, that safe space to be fragile so you can work with and process what you are feeling.

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