Solve Your Problems

The time has come to solve your problems. We all have the ability to do so, yet we live with too many. In just a few short years we have put all the information that humans have gathered onto one web that is accessible to everyone. But until knowledge is used wisely it does nothing to increase human happiness. For that we need more than information and knowledge, we need wisdom. Not just answers, but the right solutions for each situation, which are then put into action.

You can’t fix the world, but you can fix your life to make it work well, so that you love it.  You can do that, and you must. One bit at a time. You are a self-contained unit. Yes you have your history, faults and issues, but you also come with the resources to discover and handle everything life brings.
The internet has shown what the sages have always known. We can tap into all knowledge. But to solve your problems the answers are not out there somewhere. Your answers are already within you.Throughout history most cultures, and certainly those that wrote history, were autocratic. Someone held the power, knew the answers and might give them to you if you paid the price.  We still each begin our life depending on the power of others, whether they have our best interest in mind or not. Times are changing, first to grant individual autonomy and then to demand it. Autocracy once meant the power of one over all; the new autocracy is your complete power over your own life. IF you have that, wouldn’t your life be awesome by now? How do you know where to start?
For the things that matter most to you, matters of the heart, what will give your life purpose, meaning and fulfillment no one knows better than you and you’re the only one that can answer these questions. So the future of health is self-help. The future of therapy is self-therapy, and the source of all this wisdom is built inside of you just waiting to be heard. Once you gain access to this “Innernet” you will begin to correct everything in your life today that isn’t working for you, clear the past things that have harmed you, make peace with your future – even your death – and enjoy lifetime ability to handle yourself.
Continued next week: 
“The Innernet – Your Source for Solutions”

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