Victory Within Tragedy

A tragedy feels like defeat. Victory through it, paradoxically, requires some Surrender.

I do live what I teach, mostly. “Allow your awareness to guide you, even the ‘negative’ stuff like apathy or illness. Winter calls us to slow down, so don’t fight it. Surrender until rejuvenation naturally arises. Acceptance! ”

So when I felt a little sad and low here and there these last few weeks, I embraced it and it passed. But hey, now it’s the New Year, back to work, let’s get going. But wait… a tragic death in our community, right on New Year’s? Now I’m laid low and sick? Find myself intimidated by the very tasks I have set for myself this year? None of this was in my neat plan. Can I accept, as I ask others to do?

And what are my problems compared to my friend stuck in the hospital for months after a stroke, or my dharma-sister who just cremated her 25 year-old newlywed husband? Our tests to surrender and embrace where we’re at, who we are and what is happening come in all sizes.

There’s no comparing with others; we are all challenged to keep up under the events life brings us and be victorious. Victory is an attitude that includes acceptance, because Victory is seldom what we imagined.

When others prevail in difficulty, it strengthens us to do the same. I invite you to be inspired here by this young woman’s courage, speaking at her husband’s funeral. Move the time slider to 3:03:30 when Ad Purkh speaks of her husband Hari Simran. The young man’s parents speak before her. I hope you will be uplifted as I was by sharing this intimate moment, and feel the strength of spirit and the support of community! (If you are new to this story, he fell and died while hiking in Mexico on 12/30/14.)
As she said, “Don’t be afraid to cry, because he wasn’t afraid of anything.”

As I listen to his parents, friends of mine who raised their son with spiritual principles and practices, I am struck by the caliber of human being they created by those teachings. AND, how with those same teachings and with the support of spiritual community, they have molded their own consciousness to accept this tragedy and prevail in their elevation.

Bless yourself with strength and victory. We are in this human experience together. We can do this, whatever it is! Accept and Prevail!

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