Be Happier This Year, One Feeling at a Time

Today’s SOS thoughts come from Lisa! She is my assistant, protégé, and the person one person who understands, practices and teaches this emotional guidance work better than anyone. You have seen her on some videos, and will be seeing more of her around Senses of the Soul, especially at the Live LA event weekends, coming soon.

Be Happier This Year, One Feeling at a Time

How much of your time is spent being happy? And how much time do you spend feeling bad? Seeking pleasure and avoiding pain drive us, and happiness is something we all seek. But look at how much suffering there is. Why aren’t we better at solving this by now? No one has solved world hunger, war, disease and poverty; but why can’t we each solve the pain in our own lives? Emotions, especially those “unhappy” ones, are the least understood and most poorly managed area of self-awareness. Surprisingly, pain contains the remedy to your suffering?

Many people find that emotions bog them down. They think if only they could live without emotions, life would be so much easier! Unfortunately, I found that when people try to eliminate their emotions, those emotions just get worse. Suppressing emotions does not work, and ignoring how you feel eventually makes you feel worse, where you remain stuck too long. It’s time to learn how to use your emotions as they were intended – to help you see the source of pain and guide you into peace.

Although it can be a bit scary to allow and work with strong feelings, I assure you, you can handle it all. You are greater than your feelings and they will serve you when you take conscious control of them. The goal is complete safety to be you and to handle all that this world brings you. Central to this work are listening to yourself and trusting what you hear. That’s the only way to know your own limits while engaging yourself fully in transcending them. You alone can monitor and protect your sense of safety.

Thankfully, the age of blindly following anyone or anything is coming to an end. Taking responsibility for our circumstances and taking initiative to improve those circumstances are vital steps to take better care of ourselves. You can do it, one feeling at a time.

Here are some situations you can overcome by working mindfully with your emotions:

  • You may have the occasional bad day or bothersome incident and want to get over it.
  • You may have persistent unpleasant emotions that seem inescapable.
  • You may have shut down your feeling to survive.
  • Maybe a desire for love and joy requires that you awaken.
  • You may have suffered trauma, and that pain holds you back.
  • You may have already worked on your past but want to get to a higher well-being.
  • Perhaps you’d like a powerful set of tools to help others with their pain.

No one can do the work for you but the information and is now available. Meditate! And include your emotions in your meditation. Get present and clear using any technique you know (Kundalini Yoga works fast!). Then invite emotions in by allowing whatever is troubling you to surface. It will feel bad at first, but soon you find a balance you can handle. Now the truth and soul’s wisdom can be heard when you simply as your intuition for answers.

That’s the SOS Method! Simple, straight and always available within you. I can’t wait to share the incredible depths of this healing system with you this year, so we can all be in control of our happiness – one feeling at a time! If you want to really get it, join me and GuruMeher for the annual Emotional Liberation 2016 Courses beginning Feb 3rd (online) and 6th (live).

Live or Online, support yourself with this powerful and proven structure of professional coaching, rich self-study and meditation practice, and friendly peer support to unlock the therapeutic power of your emotions.

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